Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday stuff

We had to bundle up to day on our morning walk because it was the coldest morning of the year. Breath steamed out of my mouth when we walked up the hill. Normally we do a long walk in the morning and then a short one in the afternoon if we need the steps to meet our daily goals, but today was packed.

We joined Jilda's sister and her family for lunch but we had to leave early because one of our friends died unexpectedly and the funeral was today.

She was a of those people who saw humor in unlikely places. I often laughed 'till I cried whenever we dined with them.

Today as we stood in line waiting for our few moments with the family, I thought about all those good times we all spent together...the fun we had, and when it came time for us to hug her husband, I choaked up.  He said as we stood there, I know she's mad she missed this party.

This evening when we got home, we still had things we needed to do. But as the sun sank down, I realized I was short on steps and decided to take a walk.

Jilda threw on her shoes, put a harness on the pooch, and we were off. On the last lap, I noticed light on some twisted trees I'd never noticed before. I knew I needed a photo for tonight, so I snapped a photo.


  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    My son's father-in-law, John, was like that & he had a military funeral. I swear, after they played "Taps" I heard John whisper in my ear, "Enough of this sad stuff--let's go have lunch!!"

  2. I've missed your writings Rick... although it can be sad to lose such a great friend, isn't it wonderful that she is remember and thought of so well by bringing laughter into so many peoples lives ♡

  3. It is odd the things that pop into the head when we are suffering. Your friend said his wife would be mad to miss the party. I thought as we got out of the cars at the cemetery on that bitterly cold and windy day to bury my mother that she would have (for a split second) chuckled about our discomfort while paying our respects to her. She would have you know.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Nice you have such good memories of your friend. The view there to end your day was an extra special blessing.

  5. What a sweet/sour entry. I saw the trees first, and thought of the strange twists in life. WE all must have THAT friend that has a way of putting you in stitches laughing, they are hard and sometimes impossible to match.
    Some times the crowded day turns out to be the best.

    (side note: Okay the 'Price is right' comment brought smiles (and truth). Thanks

  6. So sorry for your loss. As we get older we seem to loose so many good friends.
    Your friend sounds like she was the life of the party. She was good medicine to her family and friend. I guess she passed on the humour to her husband.

    You caught Mother Nature playing in the twisted trees. A fitting end to a special day.
    Have yourself a great day. Rain turned to snow here this morning and I can hear the dripping off the roof.

  7. My condolences for the loss of your friend. Take care.

  8. One thing that sucks getting older we go to more funerals it was not that long ago that I attended the funeral of a close family friend

  9. I was shocked by how cold it was when I woke up today. I ran some errands. When I came home, the temperature inside was 63 degrees. That's too chilly even for me. I turned on the heat and a couple of space heaters.



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