Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Be here

Driving home this evening, the full moon looked as big as a dinner plate through the trees. The moon ends 2015 by giving us two treats. A full moon on Thanksgiving morning, and another on Christmas Day.

I don't recall the last time that happened. I tried to get a picture this evening, but my attempts were tragic...well, actually tragic might be a little harsh, but sad seems to fit nicely.

So tonight I surfed through older photographs. I came upon a picture I took five years ago in December of 2011.

I could come up with some tired phrase about how fast time slips away, but the thing is, it's getting away at an alarming pace.

It seems as if the older we get, the grains in our hourglass get smaller and woosh through to the bottom of the glass much quicker than when we were younger.

The only way to guard against the passing of time is to be Pay attention. Blog. Otherwise, we'll wake up one day and wonder where it all went.

I hope you all have a remarkable Thanksgiving.


  1. It truly is important to stop and take in the moment. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Be safe and surrounded by loved ones!

  3. I will say you picked a super picture, I like the reflection off the hood, how unique.
    Now to you and your love, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING TODAY.
    I can attest, time slips away.. 'Ain't funny how time slips away." I am not a singer or music man, but I have a habit of remembering 'single lines'. Right now Sherry can't even think of the name of the song.............. I just looked it up, you knew all the time that was not only a line, but the title also by Willie. Anyway. "It ain't funny, funny, funny how time slips away." I didn't mean to waste so much paper. LOL

  4. Oh yes, I saw that huge moon too. Beautiful.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jilda,... I hope it is a wonderful one for you both xox

    Yes, time is slipping by too quickly...

  6. Thank you for this positive recommendation. Although time has got to passing frighteningly fast, there is happiness in the moment. When I feel the moon over me, it's like a tap on the shoulder and I will look up and be thankful.

  7. Saw the glorious moon tonight while walking the dogs. Thankful for a bright moon, clear skies, and so many other things!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you all had a great family meal and made some new memories. I agree that the time seems to go faster as we age.
    There's so much too be thankful for.
    Good night.

  9. The full moon was in a clear sky yesterday--amazing. How the moon looks beautiful no matter how many times we see it is also amazing. What a spectacular heavenly body.


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