Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Under the weather

I feel like death eating a cracker tonight. I caught something Saturday and started coughing a little. It's gotten progressively worse.

I was at the urgent care when they opened this morning and got a rear end full of antibiotics and a script for more. I was so excited.

We tried to walk a little but I gave up after two laps and went inside.

It was a beautiful day and I hated to spend it indoors, but that's the way I rolled today.

I did shoot a picture of a bale of hay with green shoots sprouting from the top. Mother Nature will not be denied.


  1. Interesting about new growth from a bale of hay. (I am obviously not a farm boy.)

    Get well soon my friend.

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Feel better, Rick!!

  3. Hot liquids, lots of water, and a cozy blanket will help. Health to you.

  4. I have a swig of Jack Daniels and pull the covers up over my head. Usually fine by morning. Unless of course you ate something outdated -- then you just have to ride it out.

  5. Hoping that rest and more rest will speed up those antibiotics for you.
    Feel better soon.
    Get well, my friend!!

  6. Neat photo of the hay bale. I hope and pray you will soon recover. Your case of "under the weather" does not sound like fun at all. I have just a very mild cold, and even that isn't pleasant.

  7. It's amazing that when you try to grow grass it's not easy, but then it grows where we'd least expect it. Hoping you are better soon.

  8. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. Oh man I hate to hear that. I hope you are better soon. That is a neat shot and a true caption!
    TAke care and REST!

  10. Oh that sucks and I hope you are one who recovers quickly. Now is the time to have some peppermint tea, read or catch up on some good old movies:)

  11. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

    Janie, who waves her hands over the crystal ball as she looks at Rick approaching the poppies, not puppies

  12. I love you hilarious post tonight but sorry your sick. Humour is good medicine.
    Get better soon big guy.

  13. Like death eating a cracker, eh, Rick? Sure hope you feel MUCH better today (Thursday.) Susan


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