Saturday, November 07, 2015

Driving in the rain

The weatherman says the rain's moving out tonight, but I'll believe it when I see it. Today was dungeon dark and it rained on us most of the way to our gig and back.

People here seem to speed up  in the rain. I know I must drive some drivers insane because I leave plenty of stopping room between my car and the vehicle in front of me. This apparently pisses people off because several times a car came up behind me close enough scratch a bumper sticker off with their pocket knife. I'm driving in the right lane and exceeding the speed limit, but they are unhappy. Apparently, I'm supposed to speed up, move over to the shoulder until next Thursday when traffic is lighter. But I usually just slow down to make them even crazier. They should be thankful I haven't gotten a patent on my tailgate taser/vaporizer yet.

Once we arrived at the arts center, there was a good crowd and the sound system was good. Not many people came up to listen, but after the show as we walked out, several people stopped up to say they really enjoyed our set.

Traveling in the rain was tiring for both Jilda and me so when we got home around 4:30 P.M., we both on our pajamas. The Tide comes on at 7:30 P.M. but the jury is out on whether I'll be awake at halftime.

Y'all have a great Saturday night and Sunday.


  1. Glad the rain is moving out for you all. Perhaps sanity on the highways will be more "the norm."
    When you get the patent on that tailgate vaporizer, let me know.
    I'm in! ...Want to purchase one (or two.)
    Enjoy your relaxing time this evening. Continue to stay safe and well.

  2. It's raining now in my neck of the woods. I know what you mean about nutty drivers. They get so upset and inch even closer. I just assume they are idiots

  3. I thought those drivers only lived in Phoenix! I'll take one of those tailgate tasers, please.

    PS: Since Auburn doesn't seem to have a ********** chance, we're over here cheering on BAMA. Roll Tide!!!!!

  4. Anymore Jack and I hate driving in rain and the dark and when it's a dark and rainy combo I really hate it! Yesterday I was heading into work and Jack was driving his car behind me. He said he was thinking that he was following me too close when all of a sudden I hit my brakes. What he didn't see was the deer in the middle of the road right in front of my car! Thankfully the deer jumped over into the field and no harm to him or me...or Jack's car that almost ended up in my trunk! I think he'll give a little more room between us next time!

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Have a great weekend, Rick!!

  6. Glad you made it home safely. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents than there are with all the rude drivers that there are. Driving in the rain isn't pleasant at all . No wonderful you were tired out. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday too !

  7. I've fantasized about having some sort of force field with flashing lights around my vehicle that will keep the cars behind me at least 2 seconds away. I've also fantasized about having one of those stop arms like school buses use, except on the back instead of the front--if a car gets too close behind just swing out that stop arm! I don't think some people realize that a rain slick road can increase stopping distances while also decreasing visibility.
    A couple of weeks ago, I was very thankful that I wasn't following too closely the car in front of me. I had gotten a little distracted by a shiny red Thunderbird that had a retro look that was in the lane next to me. Suddenly I realized I was seeing a string of tail lights in front of me and I needed to pay attention to my driving!
    Hope you are seeing some sunshine today!

  8. YOu described my feeling exactly. I am simply amazed more of these guys do not end up in a bad wreck or at least in the ditch. Some people do not even look at the speed limit. Glad you guys had a safe trip and a good gig!!!

  9. I really hate those people who think that if they ride your bumper it will make you move faster. In truth you would never be able to go fast enough to please them. What they really want is to be first in line. I also slow down hoping they will go around and speed on to their destination.

  10. I hate driving in rain and when I do I have a habit of slowing down, with people flying past me because I am going too slow for them but I don't care I driver at a speed I feel comfortable with

  11. Drivers are so impatient these days as everyone is in a rush to get nowhere.

    Driving at night in the rain is about the worst when some idiot has their high beams on.
    I'm glad you got home safely. I hope that the rain has ended and that you had a good Sunday.

  12. I don't like driving in the rain. It is nerve racking and especially when other drivers are riding your bumper. Grrrrr.


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