Sunday, November 01, 2015

Old gray day

It's been an old gray day today. The rain train moved in a few days ago and it has rained on and off ever since.

We spent most of the day working on things inside and resting. But this afternoon when I looked at my steps for the day, I knew it was time for a walk in the rain. I got nowhere near my goal, but I did manage to get 7,500 steps.

Later this afternoon, we drove over to Home Depot and purchased a new dishwasher. Our old one has done a good job of washing our dishes for a while now. A dishwasher has one wash dishes. When it stops doing that, it's time to toss that baby in a crusher and move on. The delivery date on our new washer is next Friday. I'll take pictures of the current dishwasher after it's crushed and use it to threaten the new washer.

Tonight we got back into the swing of practice because we have two art council gigs this month. 

I'm taking an online course in Songwriting from Berkley College of Music. It's taught by Pat Pattison who is a remarkable teacher. We met him several years ago at a music conference in LA and bought some of his books.

I've completed most of the lessons in week three of the seven-week course and already learned a great deal on how to improve my approach to writing songs.

I hope you all have a remarkable week.


  1. Imma tell you, I KNOW 7,500 steps are nothing to sneeze at, even out of the rain! Good on you! Like the B/W shot. That has class!

  2. It's been a cold drizzly day here... I thought of walking anyway but ended up getting caught up on all my blogs. Back to walking again tomorrow :-)

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Every day we wake up we have an opportunity to improve ourselves!!

  4. Have you ever posted a video of you playing your music? I'd like to hear you perform.

  5. I might have taken 100 steps today so I commend you. I am actually envious since I had a hard time walking so be blessed you can walk 7,500 steps in the rain-how beautiful that truly is. As for a dishwasher-congrats! My dishwasher is just going to bed and i will join him shortly:)

  6. I hope the week ahead is a wonderful one for you too !

  7. It's a cold grey day here today and wet as well

  8. 7500 steps is great! It's better than 7500 snores on the couch! Ha! We had some rainy stuff last week off and on but have moved into some beautiful weather for the beginning of this week! I think it's wonderful that you're still taking time to learn more about your craft and never stop moving forward in your goals...have a great week too!


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