Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The blueberries began turning this weekend and on Sunday we picked almost a gallon. We have several different varieties and all start bearing at different times which makes the growing season longer.

Over the coming months we'll have blueberry protein shakes in the morning, and on weekends maybe blueberry pancakes.

The property we bought last year has a monster fig bush on it and I've been spending time nursing it back to health after years of neglect.

It's gone through a growth spurt but I'm not sure if it will bear fruit this year.

Today was kind of a wash at work. I had a workshop scheduled but nobody came. I was a little down, but it's hard helping people who can't be bothered to do what it takes to get a job. Oh well.  I will do my best to help those who want help.


  1. I Love blueberries and figs!

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Keep thinking positively--& enjoy those blueberries!!

  3. Lucky you having all those blueberries especially as they are ready to pick. I love fresh figs too. Don't often get them unfortunately. How very disappointing to have a workshop at which nobody turns up. Hope it will be better if you have another.

  4. I love blueberries in my oatmeal. As far as figs go, we used to have some mature fig trees in our yard from Italy. I was always told for them to produce properly , you have to have a male and a female.

  5. I'm surprised at how early you are getting blueberries; it will probably be another 5 weeks before I'm getting blueberries off my Tifblue blueberries here in central NC.
    I hope the fig does well for you, and I look forward to some updates when it starts bearing.

  6. Blueberries are so good and good for you ! How wonderful to have your very own fresh ones.

  7. I don't think I ever heard of Blue Berries until I was grown. In our section of the country it was Black Berries that stole the day. Sherry is the Blue Berry person in our family. They go in her cereal every morning. Our friends in Maine 'rake wild blueberries' vs picking.

    I know it must be like a kick in the head to be trying to help folk find a job who do not seem ready to do what it takes. Bummer. But I do respect your attitude. Of course you will hang in there, wishing you the best!

  8. We planted 2 more varieties but I'm sure we're still miles away from harvesting a gallon! Enjoy! The work force seems so strange anymore. This year the career fair at the University drew only about 100 folks and many companies complain because it's hard to get workers who can pass a drug test. I grew up with a work ethic from my parents that I appreciate to this day. My kids are good workers also and I'm grateful for that. Hopefully your next workshop will be better attended as I imagine you do a great job!


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