Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Road less traveled

Many years by this time, it's hotter than Satan's shovel here. But this year has been different. Cold fronts have moved rain further south and as they move off to the southeast, they leave incredible skies and San Francisco temperatures. I could get used to it.

Today, I had coaching sessions in Pickens County. It's over a hundred miles down there. I clicked on the GPS on my phone and let it take me the road less traveled.  Several times I had to pull over and snap pictures.

One of my attendees stood me up, but the other one was delightful and we spent a few hours honing her job search plan.

It was a beautiful day to be alive.


  1. It's great when you can take the back roads. Nice pic.

  2. What a beautiful blue sky... it is so gorgeous. It is still chilly here but warming up a bit xox

  3. We are having below normal temps here too. It doesn't get hot here until mid June or early July. But we've been in the 50's instead of the usual 70's. I love the back roads and also take them when I can.

  4. I think you are cut out for the job. I can see the old house picture pays much in the way of memories, as you travel roads less used.

    When Frost penned those words he never knew the enormity of their fame, but they have touched millions.

  5. We can find such treasures on a less traveled road.

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Too bad Frost never had a GPS!!

  7. Sorry you were stood up after making such an effort to get there, but at least one person came and appreciated you.

  8. Often by this time of year the days are quiet cool but not so much this year yeah it is a little cool inside but outside still pretty damn warm with temps around the mid 20's


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