Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Mystery of the bowl

This morning all the bowls we use from day to day were sloshing around in the dishwasher so I'd pulled this one from the top shelf and mindlessly poured it full of flakes, milk, and honey.

As I ate eating the raisin bran, I fretted because I didn't have a viable  idea for my column this week. So I munched dejectedly staring at nothing in particular when the bowl containing the serial came
into focus.

Slowly turning the bowl, I realized it was exactly like to bowl from which I ate corn flakes when I was a kid. It wasn't the same bowl, I knew that, but it was a twin.

Where did it come from? Was it somehow vibrating at a frequency just outside my visual range which kept it cloaked until this very moment?

I called to Jilda and asked her where it came from and she said it had belonged to her mother. Apparently we've had the bowl for many years. How could that be that I'd never noticed it?

I pride myself on being observant and "seeing things," but in reality, I think I've been walking around asleep.

All afternoon I've been opening cabinets, pulling our drawers and looking on shelves taking stock of what's here.

Maybe the bowl finally appeared to provide a topic for a future column.


  1. Mama had bowls like that, without the decorative top rung. They were my favorite for corn bread and milk and mama's tomato and okra soup.
    Amazing you missed it. it is apparent in your blog that you do pay attention to detail, an area I am short in.

    I look forward to the story!

  2. The universe conspired to give you a topic to write about.

  3. For some reason the bowl meant to trigger your childhood and with Mother's Day close by...maybe there is a connection

  4. Oh a little treasure. This looks like a piece of "Tea Leaf Ironstone". Amazing how you can write a story on little bowl.

  5. Coincidence? Remarkable.

  6. Being high on the shelf, it's not surprising you haven't seen it. I have some top shelves that collect dust. Funny how inspiration can come from anywhere and when we least expect it.

  7. You see things, when you are suppose to see them! Cute bowl!


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