Sunday, May 08, 2016

Getting ready for the fish fry

We're having a family/friends fish fry this coming Saturday. We've had it planned for months. This is the third annual Rick & Jilda Fish Fry for friends and family and the guestlist is growing exponentially.

 We'll have to seine the Warrior River to  have enough fish. The Good Lord had a way of feeding the multitudes with a few fish, but I'm afraid things will get nasty around here if we don't have enough fish to go around :)

These events are so much fun, but it requires a great deal of work. I spent the last few days mowing the property because some people will want a tour. While working one of the flower beds, I came across the beauty in the photo to the right.

Jilda has been working non-stop polishing furnature, dusting shelves, and other chores we do when we're having guests.  I'll wash the front windows tomorrow, clean out the fire pit, and clean the deck.

Last year, intermittent rain drove the crowd inside. The grownups didn't mind, but the kids missed the yard-time with involves horse shoes, bad mitton, croquet, and of course the trout toss (no trout were harmed in playing this game.)

This year, the weatherman says the temps will be in the low 90s with a gentle breeze out of the west. I'm hoping he doesn't change his mind.


  1. Hope you get good weather.

    If Mrs. C and I don't throw at least one party a year, the house would never get straightened up.

  2. I hope the weather is fabulous Rick, it sounds like an awesome time... xox

  3. Best to invite that weatherman to the party to ensure good weather.

  4. You both never stop:) it sounds like it will be a wonderful get together regardless of the weather. Hope all went well

  5. That will be a great weekend for all. I hope you take pictures of the trout toss.

  6. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I'll be there (in spirit) for your fish fry!!

  7. Sounds like all your work will be worth it and a lot of fun in the end. Good luck on the fishing and on the weather too.

  8. I'm sure it was a ton of fun and tons of good food! You folks down south know how to make people smile! Although all that work is not fun I appreciate the outcome and getting everything spiffed up atleast a couple times a year. We're on that path for our Granddaughter's HS graduation at the end of June. It'll take that long to get it all done!

  9. What is bad mitton? Can I come to the fish fry please? Sounds like fun.

  10. Company coming provides great incentive to hit the major cleaning you described! What a great "fish fry" you will have! Hope the rain will stay away and the temps drop down to 78 deg.

    PS--What kind of fish? Catfish?

  11. So does a fish fry involve seafood if so I will pass I don't like seafood

  12. Sounds like lots of fun! I love a good fish Fry! Ill be at the beach having BBQ at a wedding.


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