Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Digging them out with noodle

When I clicked on Blogger tonight to write a post, I happened to look down at the launch page and it said I have posted 4012 entries. Clicking on STATS I saw that I've had almost 20,000 comments. 

That sounds like a lot but I've been blogging since December of 2005. That's the nature of time. Someone once asked a prolific author how he'd managed to write so many books. He said, "One word at a time." 

There are days I can't write the words fast enough and other days it feels as if I'm digging them out with noodle. 


  1. Now I know why they come hard sometime, it is a wet noodle! LOL
    Mama said there would be days like this. If I remember right I read in your stats, over 2 million page views. And I was feeling great with 450k!

  2. That's when you go fishing.

  3. You have a talented noodle.

  4. Can I use the noodle when your done with it? Im always digging but I think my noodle is worn out.

  5. That's funny...whether it be a noodle or a pen, you write well. Love the picture

  6. wow great achievement congrats for it,
    in everybody's life time come when they feel out of their own mind for while ,it is may be for taking break and getting refreshed

  7. I'd never heard that expression before but it's an apt one! There are times like that in life.

  8. Mine is 363,010 page views which was impressing me, once. and half as many posts. I do know what you mean about the different ways of feeling when writing although I only write a blog.

  9. Now, is that a cooked noodle or one that is packaged ready to cook? Doesn't make any difference either way. I would advise you to his your porch chair and drink some tea.


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