Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Rocks

Today between calls, I flipped open my DayPlanner and made a to-do list. Even with all the electronic gadgets beeping and buzzing in my pocket, I still write down a to-do list in the planner. Sometimes when my calendar is full, I will miss a buzz and let an appointment slip by unnoticed. But the planner is always open and I glance at it throughout the day.

Jilda has preached the use of writing things down for years, but I held tight to the electronic dream until I realized she was right (don't tell her I said that.)

So, when I was putting things on my list, I realized my compass was outdated. For those who have
never taken Stephen Covey's What Matter's Most class you're probably unfamiliar with the term compass used in this context. It's not really a to-do list, but a list that slips into the page marker that helps you keep important things in mind.  It's a list of things that may not be urgent, but they are important. It's things you need to program into your day that matters most in your life. To help keep you in balance.

  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Complete the edits on the new book and submit to printer
  • Meditate at least four times this week
  • Go Fishing
I know the last one might seem like it doesn't belong on a list of what matters most, but fly fishing is an activity that gives me peace of mind. Once I've waded waist deep in the icy water of the Warrior River, stress melts away like butter in a hot skillet. 

I haven't been fishing this year. I've been so wrapped up in the job, and other projects that I kept moving forward on my calendar. 

It's on my compass now and I'll look at it every day. We're taking  some vacation next week so there is a very good chance I'll spend some time on the water.


  1. I always find time spent on the water to be very relaxing.

  2. Leaving tomorrow morning for Md. and West Virginia streams for 3 days of fly-fishing. If I catch more than one it will be a good trip. A couple of the guys catch that many an hour...but then they know what they're doing.

  3. A compass - something which keeps you pointed in the right direction.

    Ms Soup

  4. As you KNOW Jilda is RIGHT (LOL). I am seldom up before 7AM, but this morning we had an appointment down the road As we drove I called Sherry's attention to a a scene almost an exact replication of your included photo. I had a good feeling when seeing it.
    Your #1 & #2 were on my list last week. I did them both. (smile)

  5. I think relaxing...calming the mind is very important because without that, we can't function...so time to go fishing!

  6. It is a good idea to write things down. It helps cement them in memory.

  7. I'd never heard of the compass method. I've a calendar, to do lists and notes here and there I also keep a notebook close by to jot down things I want to remember, but have no compass. I'm going to have to make one. We all need a way to destress and if fishing is your way, it's important that you do it. Soon I hope !

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Go fishing, Rick, it's IMPORTANT!!


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