Thursday, May 26, 2016

Late post

I'm a little late posting tonight because Jilda and I attended the local Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. We didn't eat until just before eight which is not far from our bedtime:)

We did get to howdy up with a bunch of our old friends and neighbors and that's always good.

The picture tonight was taken by my lovely spouse. It's a lily that Jilda's mom planted 30 years ago. We saw the first bloom several days ago as we were walking and Jilda borrowed my phone to snap the photo. I didn't have a better one so she's letting me use it here.

Happy Friday.


  1. The Lily is definitely pretty, but the memories attached to it must make it shine.
    Nice.........................from Florida!

  2. Late dinner. I hope you can sleep okay.

  3. Anonymous11:23 PM

    A pretty picture from a pretty lady!!

  4. Better late than never I guess.


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