Sunday, May 22, 2016

Out of contact

Our landline is out of service along with our internet. I have 1 bar of service standing on the bannister of our back deck on one leg holding one hand aloft while my head is wrapped with aluminum foil. I heard our mail carrier is sick too so if you need to contact us, please use carrier pigeons.


  1. My pigeons have been off their feed for a few days. I am afraid to let them fly until I make cure they are getting better. Do you read semifore?

  2. Lost the pigeons, sending a buzzard!
    Hope all is well soon.

    My computer is acting very sympathetic to your 'out of service' one.
    (SMILE) Forget the computer and SNUGGLE! ;-)

  3. Sorry about your loss of contact. No birds at all here.

  4. Picture please. LOL

  5. Poor pigeons! they would be very busy.

    One better: to even get phone coverage in my mom's home town, I had to walk up a steep hill to the cemetery. View was great, but...

  6. Hope it's all restored soon. I enjoyed you previous post. I love going to festivals when there's live music playing. I hope that couple calls and has you and Jilda special!

  7. Oh my... I needed that image in my head today!
    Have A wonderful long weekend NO Worries, we have quail and the stagecoach is down! hugs, Roxy


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