Saturday, May 28, 2016

Easy Saturday

Today was a lazy day. We slept in this morning. I didn't get up until 7 a.m. We were whupped last night so left the sound equipment in the car and I unloaded it this morning while the coffee brewed.

We did our routine Saturday chores and afterwards went to the grocery store to buy a few things.

After lunch, we took about a two-hour nap which is rare for me, but it felt great.

When the garden grew shady we headed out to get our steps in. The humidity felt as thick as peanut butter, but we walked and sweated. 

Jilda's got an organic chicken in the oven and we're about to dine. It's been a good day.

A stalk of wild ginger that my sister gave us.


  1. I had no idea ginger looked so pretty. I am glad you had a good day and that your fingers have recuperated. I had a wonderful day of buying plants, seeing my mom, buying some good old movies and enjoying a Latin band before having dinner out. Are we not lucky?

  2. Any day with a nap is a good day.

  3. Sounds like another great day for you guys. We woke up today (sunday) with rain. Great photo! Ive never seen a Ginger plant but shes lovely!

  4. Very humid here too and storms came through with some needed rain. Naps are great on weekends but if I partake too long, I have a hard time sleeping at night. Last night I hit the hay around 9:30! Yep, a party animal! Have a good Memorial Day and thanks for serving our wonderful country!

  5. It has been humid here in South Georgia, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the cover of "Life 101" as old train tracks and stations spur my imagination and wanderlust.


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