Friday, June 10, 2016

A good day

I worked this morning at the cemetery where my people are buried. Sunday is decoration day. I took tools to manicure the graves of my mom, dad, and brothers. But when I got there, the cemetery was a groomed as a golf course. My daddy would have been proud.

He wasn't a church-goer, but anytime someone in the community died, he alway showed up with a shovel to help dig the graves. And on decoration day, he volunteered to collect money to help maintain the cemetery.

My normal shift each year is daylight until lunchtime on Sunday, but since I didn't have to cut or trim today, I helped collect money for a few hours. It's a time to see old friends and family.

Next weekend we have out-of-town company coming so we're spiffing up. I cleaned the deck and mowed the fields.

I finished when as the sun sat low on the horizon. When I walked to the front yard to put water in the fountain for the late-night deer visit, I noticed the sun highlighting the fountain by the screen porch.

We've had a delightful vacation this week. On Monday, we'll both headed back to the grind, but until then we plan to have as much fun as possible.

Have a remarkable weekend. 

Also, some of you have asked about a video of Jilda and me. Here's one we did of our song "I Think of You." 


  1. My firewall won't let me open your video. Bummer!!!

  2. I was unable to see the video too. Is it on youTube?

  3. I updated with a new link. Hopefully it will work.

  4. Anonymous1:19 AM

    It worked for me--you guys are GOOD!!

  5. I loved the video song. You guys are awesome. Sound like two teenagers. Never stop singing.


  6. good stuff. Also I do really appreciate folk who volunteer to keep up our country cemeteries. Ours are down in Toccoa GA, those folk work there. Good on you guys! (I'm playing catch up)

  7. I didn't get to see it... maybe it's because I am in Canada... it sounds like you two did a wonderful job xox

  8. Vacations are good but it's important to remember to always enjoy what you do. Hope the week ahead is lots of fun.


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