Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fire Lily

We have company flying in from Colorado this weekend, so we spent the day sprucing up the house. Our decluttering project keeps paying dividends because sprucing up is a simpler chore now.

We got a little rain last night and this morning. When I lugged a bag of garbage to the can at the side of the house, I noticed the grass looked as if it had grown three inches.

After finishing the work inside, I fired up the old lawnmower and gave the backyard a haircut. The new property needed attention too, so I mowed it as well.

I noticed something at the edge of the property I had not seen before. When I puttered over to check it out, I saw this daylily that looked as if it were on fire. Pushing in the clutch, I leaned over and snapped a photo with my phone.

On another note, our friend Diana sent me a text yesterday saying the Space Sation would fly over our house at 9:32 last night. When I walked out at 9:30 to dump the coffee grounds into the compost can, clouds as thick as thatch roof were just to the west of us. But overhead the half moon made the yard streetlight bright. I stood looking into the sky hopefully. A moment later, I Space Station moving from the northwest to the southeast.  I called to Jilda to come. It was moving so fast I feared it would disappear behind the trees before she got out there, but she made it in time to see it for a moment. We were so excited. If you'd like a shot at seeing it, you can sign up to get email notifications when it passes near where you life.


  1. Beautiful pic of that lovely daylily! I have many and I enjoy them. Have fun with your company. We're still working on our decluttering project and every day I'm hauling something to work that somebody else can use. Makes me feel good to help out others but I confess I feel really good when something leaves the house! Soon it will be the "stuff" in the garage...oh Lordy!

  2. Ah, the Marie Kondo clear-out pays off!

    Spectacular day lily.


  3. Anonymous12:33 AM

    That is one GORGEOUS flower!!

  4. Beautiful flower, and I'm so glad you saw the space station.


  5. The lilies are beautiful! I can remember sitting out and watching the space station in the sky. Summer time is wonderful for sitting out and watching the stars. Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend.

  6. I think the day lily might be my favorite flower...thought we do have a single rose bush that gives us some very nice blooms.

  7. I have some of those day lilys in my yard. They have the 3 layers of petals. very Pretty but they look pitiful this year.
    Have a great weekend with friends.

  8. I would have loved seeing the space station. Lucky you!

  9. That is a gorgeous picture. Thank you for sharing.

  10. They are beautiful aren't they? We have them on the side of our home. Thankfully my hubby takes care of the flowers and they have just spread. When I took care of them they were very sad looking:)


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