Saturday, June 04, 2016

Out West

It's been a while since we've been out west. Two years ago we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Halloween. Normally it doesn't snow there until around Thanksgiving, but the second night we were there it snowed chin deep to a giraffe. OK, maybe I'm remembering big, but it seemed that deep to me.

About five years ago we went to Telluride, Colorado. I shot the picture below from the window of the van that fetched us from the airport in Durango.

We fell in love with Telluride. We were there for the 4th of July. That evening they had a fireworks show. The backdrop was the mountains around the small town. During the show, snowflakes began to fall.

The next evening we had dinner in the courtyard of at a restaurant downtown and a few of the people from the community brought their dogs and dined in weather that was heaven-like.

Jilda asked me this morning as we sipped coffee, when are we going to travel again? We both jumped into action and began researching places that we've never been. Taos, New Mexico was one of the places we're looked at.

I remembered one of our friends spent some time there. When we called, he said we should make it happen. So, we're looking at traveling there on free awards miles points in the fall.

We'd love to play some house concerts when we're in the area, but we're unsure at this point if we can make this happen.

We're on vacation this coming week, but we plan to stay close to home. We have a couple gigs and we're cranked about those.

Happy weekend.


  1. Have you ever been to Portland, Oregon? The food is great and there's a huge base for all sorts of music. Portland is also home to the second highest waterfall in North America. If you haven't visited, you might consider putting it on your bucket list.

  2. Beautiful photo! Of course it's beautiful country! I notice Stephen mentioned Portland. Our son lives there and it's a great place to visit and very beautiful too! We are so lucky to have such a diverse country from sea to shining sea!

  3. Hope you have a good vacation week !

  4. Planning a trip is almost as fun as taking it. Enjoy.

  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Taos has a wonderful art community. When we were there we bought a buffalo (for our coffee table--Bud wouldn't buy the full sized sculpture)!!

  6. Emma expresses our attitudes, we love the travel and also the thoughts and plans. I like the west because I can find room to do a U-turn in the motor home without looking for a Walmart parking lot. LOL
    Love the picture, there is a lot to love about the west, sounds like you guys have found that love. I hope you can find an outlet for your talents. I know someone would be blessed to hear you guys!

  7. Won't you please keep us updated if you find some gig(s) in Taos? Not far from my hometown, our youth group at church used to go up there to ski.
    Northern N.M. and Durango, too, are a wonderful places in which to be!

  8. I never once made it out west when I was living in America...pity. But I can always take vacation there in the future, I suppose :) I would love to see Colorado.


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