Thursday, June 09, 2016

Fun Ain't Cheap

The premiere tonight was a great event. There was a good crowd in attendance. Jilda performed as well as we ever have.

Thanks to our friend Diana Mayhall for shooting some pictures for us. A picture from the other side of the stage would have captured the bulk of the crowd, but the screen and equipment prevented us from shooting from that angle.

We are both weary from a week worth of fun, but as they say, "Fun Ain't Cheap."

If you get an opportunity to see the movie The Bankheads on PBS, it's an incredible film.


  1. Looks like you all had some fine weather there too. I'm going to keep a look out for that movie.

  2. I like the photo, though I wish I could see Jilda's face. I look forward to seeing The Bankheads. It's just the sort of thing I enjoy. My son and I love documentaries. We watch a lot of PBS. Now they should do a documentary on Rick and Jilda Watson.


  3. This looks like a great photo and a great turn out. I am going to look for this documentary on PBS because I would love to see this.

  4. Rick, it looks like you and Jilda had a wonderful time as well as decent weather... that is awesome. Time for a little rest before you head back to work xo

  5. I wish you'd come to Portland so I could hear you guys play.

  6. Im still waiting on a video of you two. Looks like yall had a wonderful time.

  7. I like the picture on Jilda's blog because I can see your faces. It must have been quite a showing.

  8. Excellent! So happy for the both of you!

  9. My confuser would not let me post this yesterday, but I hope you rested.......

    What a good report, I know you guys must be beat, what a week. Now
    'Pumzika' (Swahili for 'You Rest')


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