Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just shoot me in the knee

I'm excited. Tomorrow I begin a series of injections in my knees. The syringes have needles the size of  milkshake straws and feel  about as blunt. They deliver a substance with a viscosity of  STP Oil Treatment. I procrastinated on the treatments as long as possible, but my knees are reminding me it's time to pay attention to them. So I made the appointment last week and I go in tomorrow.

The downside to the treatments is that my walking routine is put on hold for the three weeks.  That's just about the length of time it takes to change a good habit to a slothful one.

I've made arrangements to  do my exercise on a stationary bicycle for the next three weeks which won't be as much fun as walking, but it will keep me in the groove.

On a lighter note, the Old Maids are blooming.


  1. Good luck with the operation.. my knees are my Achilles heels too... I'm not sure I could handle that needle you talk about xox

  2. I hate needles...good luck. For exercise, I highly recommend the "Total Gym."

  3. I hope the STP does wonders for the knees. I have always hoped they could come up with something permanent vs replacement. Hang in there and make it work.
    Love the color you show!
    PS You got to watch the corpsman with the square needle! (That is what I always heard!)

  4. Good luck with your knees! Your gonna have to tell us all about the needle when your done! Take it easy.

  5. Good luck with the injection. May you have a painless one. God bless you.

  6. I blame my knees' problem on..walking. I used to walk miles without some knee brace.
    Good Luck with the injections! May they provide a lasting relief to your knees!

  7. Hope the treatments work for you and before you know it you'll be back to counting those daily steps.

  8. Ouch. I wish you did not have to go through this. But if you feel better after I guess it is a good thing.

  9. I hope the treatment to your knees is effective and you can get back to those great walks.

  10. Knees, ankles, and every other joint will welcome this shot and say, "ahhh". I recently had two shots in knuckle joints inside the hand. Needles were tiny and there was no screaming involved. And it has helped!
    Live Large, now.

  11. My mum had to get an injection into her knee just before we left for our cruise and she was still in a shit load of pain

  12. Been there, done that so I know you'll do great! Sorry you have to go through it but hopefully the injections will get you up and walking really soon.


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