Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday update

Jilda and I walked early this morning. The temps have dropped a little but the humidity made the shorts and tee shirt feel like a wetsuit.

The sun peeped in through the trees on our second lap, and I snapped a picture. A sunbeam slashed through the trees and highlighted a wild hydrangea. It looked like something primal as I imagined how things looked before man came and "made improvements."

We were still in the sprucing stages in the house and yard today getting ready for our company tomorrow. 

After lunch, I got a call from our niece asking if I'd pick up a new fridge she'd just bought. It had to be picked up today. 

The folks at the store helped load it, but my straps didn't secure it as well as I'd like so I drove the 25 miles home  at a turtle's pace.  There were some agitated commuters because there are stretches of road where I couldn't pull over and let them pass. But that's the way it goes sometimes.

The fridge got home safely.

I am a tired puppy tonight. 


  1. Lovely photo Rick. Sunlight does wonderful things sometimes.


  2. That would have brought the Italian out of Mrs. C, she'd a been horn honking! My sweet lady turns into the incredible hulk when she gets behind the wheel.

  3. I am smiling, it is nice to see someone else doesn't like to have a train behind them. I have pulled off many time to let the crowd go by.
    You guys have a great area to walk in. I always love the pictures.
    Further thing I have noticed, 'Uncle Rick' is one dependable dude!

  4. What a great uncle you are to move this fridge for your niece. She's lucky to have you in her life.

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Shafts of sunlight are lovely!!

  6. This was sweet of you to pick up the fridge especially since you had to go so slow. I bet you heard a few horns and saw a few finger displays:) I love this peaceful and serene

  7. It does look like a pimal scene. You were in the right place at the right time.

  8. After a busy and tiring day it nice you have such a beautiful place to rest your eyes on. The picture is very nice.


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