Saturday, June 11, 2016

Enjoyable week

Our week of staycation is drawing to an end. We've had a remarkable week. the weather has been incredible though it started heating up today.

I wanted to walk this evening after sunset but the heat index was over a hundred.  I decided to walk earlier in the coming days.

Tonight after dining on baked salmon, new potatoes, and asparagus I stepped outside to pen up the chickens. I could hear thunder in the distance and clouds as gray as woodsmoke reclined on the horizon in all directions, but directly overhead were clouds painted pink by the evening sun. The colors falling on the back deck were remarkable. I called to Jilda to come look.

Jilda bought rugs made from recycled plastic bottles and put them on the deck. We've moved the Adirondack chairs from the yard and arranged the plants around the chairs and rugs. It made a perfect place to enjoy the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow is decoration day and I'll head out early to man the donation tent. After this post, we plan to sip some sleepytime tea and turn in.

I hope your week has been enjoyable too.


  1. I misread the first sentence as 'our week of starvation ', then I read the third paragraph about the baked salmon, new potatoes and asparagus and realised my error!!

    Ms Soup

  2. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Sweet dreams, Rick!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week and I really want to see the rug made out of plastic bottles! Sometimes the "go away" vacations require a week of recouping so the stay put ones are pretty good. Hope you have a great day and get tons of donations!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week. Like yaya said, id love to see th rug. Sounds interesting.

  5. I'm kinda on permanent staycation and I love it. We do travel, but for Mrs. C...I prefer to stay at home...don't tell her.

  6. It has been an enjoyable week thank you. I am pleased to hear that yours was also.

  7. It sounds like your priorities are in the right place!

  8. I like a restful read at times and this is one. THANKS, it is good to see folks that know how to enjoy life (at and away) from an office.

  9. Glad to hear you're having such a fine weekend.

  10. We have had many staycations because we often had no money, they are what you make them


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