Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Bright side

We drank coffee just after 5 this morning. Jilda teachers an early yoga class on Wednesday mornings. We could get up later, but would have time for coffee and I'm not sure she could find her car in our driveway without caffeine so I set the clock to roust us out a little early.

I don't really need an alarm because I woke up before it sounded and turned it off so it wouldn't disturb Jilda. Slipping out of bed, I punched the brew button and then sat down to meditate white the coffee brewed.

After she left, I took the laptop out on the deck and wrote my column for Sunday in about 20 minutes. It's interesting how sometimes writing 500 words is effortless and sometimes it's like having an ingrown toenail dug out with an icepick.

Once finished, I did yoga on the deck and then got in about 7,000 steps before the sun cleared the trees to the east.

By the time Jilda arrived back home, I'd watered all the plants on the deck and in our garden. The last week has been hot and humid with no rain. We've done everything but prance around in the yard naked doing a rain dance.

This afternoon we heard thunder in the distance and the radar showed a thunderstorm approaching, but it dissipated and moved off to the east. I had to run to the store to pick up a few things and when I got a few hundred yards from our property, I realized it had rained. Steam wafted up from the silvery pavement and all the plants looked refreshed. So it goes.

On the bright side the hydrangeas started blooming today.


  1. Blooming hydrangeas always make the day better.

  2. I love this beautiful flower. Gosh you got a lot done.

  3. Gosh you make me laugh Rick... doing everything other than prancing around the yard naked doing a rain dance... lol...

  4. Oh, please. Do the naked rain dance and make a video. It will get a million hits.


  5. I can't believe we're hoping for rain since April and early May it was so wet that the farmers were worried about getting the corn planted. Now it's dry and hot although cool is coming this weekend. Weird weather! I know rain will come the end of June because we're having Summer's graduation party and I always have rain when I have an outdoor event here! You get a lot done before most folks have opened their eyes! I'll look forward to reading your column that came so easily! Have a good day tomorrow!

  6. Launna hit a homer methinks, dude. But please be very careful! LOL
    Good read my friend, Love a bright side.

  7. Even though you were exerting yourself with the yoga and light yard work you worked very hard that morning. Way to go.

  8. I'm a sucker for a hydrangea. And Susans...tulips...roses...lily of the valley...nothing better!


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