Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bright Child

My great nephew Jordan came over early this morning. His Nanna had an early-morning appointment with her doctor and Jordan didn't relish the thought of spending hours in a cold waiting room so he asked if he could stay with us. Obviously, he didn't have to ask but we told him of course. 

The plan was that he would come over after Jilda returned home from teaching her early yoga class.

I arose when she did and drank coffee with her before she left. I then took my laptop to the side porch to write my column for Sunday's paper.

The column this week is about ice cream. Since it will be the Fourth of July on Monday, the ice cream angle was perfect.

I finished up moments before Jordan arrived. After he sat down at gave me the play-by-play of his swim meet last night, I asked if he would look over my column.

He said he would so I printed a copy and brought it to him on the couch.

After settling in, he read the column closely. I knew he wasn't faking it because he started laughing at something I'd written.  

He also pointed out that I'd failed to put closing quotation marks for one sentence. I asked him if he knew what those marks were, and he rolled his eyes a little before saying, "You use those marks when someone is talking." I know for a fact I had no clue what quotation marks were when I was eight years old but apparently he learned this stuff much earlier. Who knew.

This much I know for sure. This is one bright child and it is a gift watching him grow.



  1. Plus he laughed at the right place on your column...gotta love that for sure!

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    One more reason to love Jordan!!

  3. What a great audience for your writing, and I doubt I knew what quotation marks were when I was his age. Impressive.

  4. The goal of parents should be to have children who are smarter, more educated, and more successful than they are. Obviously it is succeeding in Jordan's case.

  5. How lovely. I suspect both of you will grow. Which is also lovely.

  6. I LIKE it. Jordan is gifted and very fortunate. YOu sir, are a mentor for a fact. Good on you (and Jordan)

  7. I can see the concentration on his face as he reads.

    Alphie Soup

  8. Being an 8 year old is nothing like when we were 8. They do learn many things early on and it seems that they also miss out on some of things we did learn too. It is wonderful to see them learn and grown though. You are blessed to have him close by.

  9. My daughter always loved to proof read anything I wrote up. She loved finding a mistake. Kids are smart!

  10. You are a blessed man to have Jordan sharpen your grammar skills! What a bright young me! An eight year old is in the middle of what I call the "Golden Years". Delightful.

  11. So special! What a great kid! Very impressive!


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