Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Country roads

The weatherman says the temps will be in the 80s on Monday with night time temps much lower. Apparently, the mercury didn't get the memo because when this afternoon when I drove by the blinking bank sign 101 was on the display...and that wasn't the time.

I had a workshop at the campus down near Tuscaloosa which is over two hours away.  Once in the office, I made sure all the boxes on my checklist were checked and then I hit the road.

Topping off the gas tank before heading out is always a good practice, but once I hit the road it was smooth sailing. The skies were the color of Liz Taylor's eyes with clumps of white fluffy clouds bunched up in places.

Most of the country roads are two-lane country lined with acres of hay and cotton fields that are beginning to bloom. They haven't had as much rain in that part of Alabama. I passed a pine tree that had obviously fallen years ago. It was bleached by the summer sun and looked like an ivory tusk lying by the roadside.

Each time I make this drive I see something remarkable. Today I passed a field of sunflowers.

The good thing about country roads is that congestion is non-existent. Pulling to the edge of the road, I left the engine running, stepped over to the fence and snapped a few pictures.

Getting away from the office is a good thing.


  1. Now I can't get the song out of my head!

  2. I love country roads, you see so much more and much less stress. Love this picture because it brings images of love, passion, loss...no idea why but it does.

  3. Country roads are so much fun. You aren't fighting traffic. You are just enjoying the beauty around you.

  4. We take the country roads whenever we can. They may take a little longer, but they leave our psyche in MUCH better shape.

  5. A blue sky day is wonderful and sunflowers are always a favorite of mine. What a nice ride you had !

  6. Gotta love those country Roads. Thanks for the images of the scenary. Does me good in this office.

  7. I try to take a drive along a country road at least once a week. I feel renewed when I get home.

  8. Not too many country roads where we live but we have several scenic roads that are a pleasure to drive.

  9. Although it is still winter here it has been really warm bordering on hot during the day and the nights well the last two nights I have woken up drenched in sweat a few times through the night

  10. Skies the color of Liz Taylor's eyes: Rick, you are a poet.


    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      You ARE, but didn't she have violet eyes?

  11. What a beautiful shot. Love the sunflowers and the lush greenery! Nice even in the heat!


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