Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Productive day

We built our screen porch about 15 years ago and it changed the character or our home. Nine months out of the year, we enjoy morning coffee there. I ran speakers wires from the stereo through the attic and installed small speakers on the walls of the porch. Soft music makes our time out there even more enjoyable. It's peaceful.  You will not stay stressed long out there. The tinkling chimes and songbirds forbid it. 

A while back as I carried 50 pounds of dog food through the screen porch and into the adjoining pantry, I felt the steps give a little. After storing the bag, I stepped back outside to inspect the steps.

We don't have gutters, and rain rushing off the metal roof bathes the steps each time it rains. Left to their own devices, time and moisture do their intended job – returning things to the earth. When I realized they had deteriorated, I put replacing them on my "List."  

It took a while, but it slowly moved to the top of the list and today was the day.  I had to pick some things up yesterday afternoon and the Home Depot so I bought the lumber and this morning before the day got hot, I jumped on the chore.

After about 45 minutes, I placed a tick mark by this item and it was officially off my list.  

The next thing is to replace the garden door, but this one will require assistance and my old carpenter has retired since he last worked here.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, this one too will be marked off the "List." I hope your day has been productive too.


  1. looks good. Love a porch. Can you divert the rain from the steps?

  2. Good job. I suggest you fix the rain drip.

  3. Well done. Could you install a rain water tank to harvest that rain?

  4. You are much too efficient. It makes me look bad.

  5. Well done....
    Continue to enjoy the porch. Sounds heavenly!

  6. Nice you can do things like the steps for yourself. Hope you find help for the door. It's wonderful to get things checked off the list.

  7. now you won't fall through and 'break your crown'... that's a good thing.

  8. I hear a wood product called TREX is water resistant, and is actually made from recycled plastic but looks exactly like wood.

  9. Well done! Looks great! It's nice to get things accomplished! Feels good!

  10. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I resolved to do nothing yesterday & I'm not through yet!!

  11. I like the new steps. Carpentry updates are the thing I like most. The project looks good. It is always satisfying to cross something off the to do list. Good on you!


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