Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tiger Swallow Tail

Jilda called me to the deck this afternoon. A Tiger Swallow Tail butterfly was sipping nectar from our butterfly bush. This one wasn't shy. I walked up within a few feet and put the camera less than a foot away to snap a few pictures.

After it flitted away from the butterfly bush, it went over to have its way with the blazing star bush on the other side of the deck. The crimson blossoms of the blazing star are as big as grapefruits.

It took a moment too long to relocate and I missed the picture. I need to get one of those telephoto lenses for my phone.

Can you believe it's almost the middle of August?


  1. That is a beautiful butterfly Rick... how awesome that you could get a picture xox

  2. Did you take that picture? If you did...amazing! We have 2 butterfly bushes so we do get butterflies and hummingbirds. It's just so nice to see. I am amazed we are through half of August but it is so hot I am waiting for cooler weather

    1. Yes. I shot it his afternoon in our backyard.

  3. very pretty insect

  4. That's a beautiful photograph.

  5. That photo is marvelous! Look at the color of the wings...great catch! Yes August is flying by and we had lots of nice, soaking rain this weekend. My yard is green again!

  6. At least you got this magnificent shot. I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

  7. Great picture! Isn't nice though to have a camera always handy when you carry your phone !

  8. I was just admiring my butterfly bush yesterday. It was full of tiny ones and I got photos and videos of a giant yellow swallowtail and two black and blue swallowtails. I think they are late this year. I thought you see more in July.

  9. Amazing photo! Wow! Beautiful! August is going by fast!


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