Friday, August 12, 2016

Watch the light

Someone asked me recently how to take good pictures. I smiled, because I've asked others that same question. Dale Short, one of my mentors in writing, is also a master photographer and I've helped him shoot pictures for years. What he told me was that the magic is in the light.

Also, anything you see from day to day has to potential to look incredible if you frame it right, and be mindful of the light.

You've probably seen and taken pictures of subjects when the light is behind them. If you're doing silhouettes, that's great. But if you're trying to capture a landscape, a portrait, or something else where detail is important, it won't happen because the light is not right.

This evening I ran back by the forks for a moment because a thundershower had swept through earlier. I knew the turbines would be on which meant there would be mist on the water.

I shot a great picture of the clouds and sun, but it was too close to a picture I shot a few weeks ago, so I turned the lens downstream. Sitting on a big rock, I waited for the right moment for the evening light to fall on the water. It didn't take long.

These days, we've become a visual people. If you want to write a blog or tell a story, you get more traction if you have a picture. I'm thinking about a short ebook that will help people take better pictures with their cameras or phones.

Of course, I follow blogs written by people who are better photographers than me, but I'd like to share a few things I do know.

Stay tuned.


  1. I always enjoy your photographs. I'm never satisfied with my own photos which might be why I turned to painting where I could manipulate everything.

  2. That is SO true about the light, Rick! I've experienced the ideal and the worst light on so many occasions and it really makes the difference!

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    It helps to have an artist's eye!!


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