Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hot day

The weatherman and the blinking bank sign said it was only 96 today, but I pulled out my camera and
snapped a photo. the picture was telling. How hot does it look to you?

I was on the road early this morning and I was thankful I got the SUV loaded before the sun peeked over the college roof. But once I drove a few hours to the destination, there was no place to hide.

Parking in a no-parking zone in front of the building, I heaved the books, equipment, and refreshments out and wheeled them up the access ramp for people with disabilities, before parking in the lower forty.

Did I mention that registration is up at all campuses and parking is non-existent?

After the workshop, I fetched the vehicle and left it idling in the same zone with the AC blasting while I went inside to fetch the stuff. Thank goodness for a rolling cart.

By the time I got home this evening, I'd walked 8,000 steps. With the temps at one million degrees, I cut myself a little slack for not getting 10k steps.

I hope it's cooler where you live.


  1. When you factor in the humidity, 8000 steps feels like 15000 steps.

  2. Today the temperature has shot down into the seventies, a far cry from 97 degrees only a few days ago.

  3. It is cooler here. And raining. I hope you get some relief soon. With those temperatures I wouldn't manage 80 steps.

  4. (smiling) Some times a step is more than just a step, huh? A million degrees? I believe it.

  5. Anonymous11:07 PM

    It's not as hot here in Los Angeles as where you live, but it's still too damn hot for me!!

  6. That photo is straight out of the psychedelic sixties!!


  7. Its still hot here in NC but I smell Autumn in the air in the mornings.

  8. A tropical storm is headed our way. I hope it dies down to a depression before it gets here. I've learned that a true storm lasts much longer. It's very humid, but only seventy-nine degrees at 7:31 p.m., which is cool for us, of course. We've already gotten a bit of rain.



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