Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Pasture fence

A friend is out of town this week and he asked me to pick up his mail and check on his place while he was out of town. So today after Jilda and I did our running around, I drove to his house.

The road to his house goes over one of the high points in our area. On the crest, I looked off to the west and could see nothing but blue sky, white clouds, and foothills as far as the eye could see.

An old farmer owns about a thousand acres on this crest.  A pasture thick with green grass is full of fat cows. Each evening they meander over to a scenic pond and drink while looking at one of the most beautiful vistas in the county.

I tried to shoot a picture of the cows today, but I didn't have my big camera. The iPhone is remarkable for close work, but any pictures that are off in the distance, look exactly like things off in the distance. Unremarkable.

So I had to settle for orange flowers growing on the pasture fence.


  1. Awwwwah I wanted to see the fat cows!

  2. Gorgeous picture, but I bet the cows were adorable!

  3. I hope you provide a picture of those fat cows before long.

  4. I saw a compact attachment to the iphone that turns it into a more powerful camera fairly inexpensive.

  5. I hope someone is milking the cows.

  6. I want to be up on the crest!!!
    What a beautiful picture, thanks for painting it. I cold see the cows!
    WE have company, I am late. NITE!

  7. Wish you had been able to make the picture, but I still think the one of the tree is pretty.

  8. Add me to the list of people who loved the tree - and want to see fat happy cows.

  9. Ah... I had a trumpet vine that grew on the post of my clothes line in Alabama. And, the tendrils ran along the wire. No place to hang clothes. But, I loved the vine.


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