Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dear God

I noticed something else interesting on my journey down country roads yesterday. It was something I'd never seen before.

On the way down, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and made a mental note to stop on the way out to have a look.

After the workshop, I drove northward toward home.  The population is thin in that part of the country, but several miles out I saw the cemetery ahead to the left.

Pulling into the grassy drive, I left the engine idling and waded through grass over to a mailbox. It was attached to a post made of car rims and it was against the cemetery fence. 

I looked at it for a long time thinking about the story behind it. Why would a cemetery with no houses within miles need a mailbox? I know it's probably illegal, but I pulled open the lid and had a look. I thought, if there were a letter inside, it would interesting to check the postmark to see where it came from.  And if it was a letter going out, where would it be going? 

P/O Box 1

What would that stamp be worth? 

I know you may think I'm a little twisted and maybe I shouldn't divulge much information as to how my brain works, but I found the mailbox fascinating, even if it was empty.


  1. Dude, this is a good one! Sherry and I are smiling at the possibilities you bring up! There is a lot of weight in this one, I like it. What responsibilities!

    1. When Jilda read it she said I should write a short story about it. It is full of possibilities. I wrote it down in my idea book.

    2. Write the story Rick!!! Do it! I too am fascinated!!!

    3. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Yes, PLEASE--write the story!!

  2. There's a story there; you could make up some interesting letters for that mailbox.

  3. Isn't that a Federal Offense?

    Hey, I know nothing.

  4. Those old country cemeteries are so charming. Often they are family cemeteries. Sometimes the epitaphs are quite humorous.

  5. This reminded me of how I use to leave "dear God" letters on my window ledge when I was little. I wonder where they are now. They are not on the window seal anymore. Two guesses, either mom has them put away in a shoe box or God has them in his pocket.

  6. Fascinating! I totally ditto Jilda's suggestion.

  7. Yes, definitely material for a story and the contents of lots of letters.

  8. Oh, what this mailbox has seen! If time could be wound backwards, what could be seen?

  9. There are people who have gone before me to whom I would happily send a letter.

  10. I laughed when I read that post! I would have opened the mailbox to have a look too....


  11. I'd love to know the reason for that mailbox...Jilda is right ! The possibilities are endless!


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