Friday, August 05, 2016

Looking without seeing

I took a backroad again today as I headed to my friend's house to check his mail, and make sure burglars hadn't made off with his guitar. Thieves have hit the house twice, and he's a little gunshy. So each time he travels, he asks me to keep an eye on the place.

On the way over, I noticed an old house overgrown with trumpet vines that I hadn't noticed before. The rearview was clear, so I slowed to a stop and backed up to snap a picture.

Stepping out, gravel crunched under my hiking boots. Outside the reach of the truck's air conditioner, the humid air hit me like a damp blanket. 

I moved back and forth as I searched for the best angle. I glanced down to make sure a copperhead wasn't camouflaged by the knee-high ryegrass.

I had snapped several pictures before I heard a screen door slap against the jamb behind me. An older gentleman that lives across the road was curious about what I was doing.

I waved and held up my phone in explanation and pointed to the old house. He nodded and went back inside.

Satisfied that I'd gotten the picture, I stepped back into the truck and soon the AC was cooling the beads of sweat trickling down my face.

I consider myself an observant person. Writers have to be, but it's interesting what we look at daily and never see.


  1. For a minute I thought you were going to get some lead pellets in your backside.

  2. That's my kind of house - full of character and a bit of history behind it, not to mention all the glorious greenery growing all over it.

    Did I ever mention I am keen on alliteration? :-)


  3. I think we are all guilty of looking without seeing and listening without hearing from time to time. I am grateful you caught this house though. Oh the stories trapped under the vines between those walls...

  4. It's easy to understand why your attention would be captured by this old house. Love the growth on the roof. The stories this structure could tell it it could talk.

  5. When I first read about keeping an eye on your friend's home because it got broken into twice, I was hoping his home was not the one in The picture. 🌞 I love your words on the page.

  6. I always enjoy your writing, and today I realized it reminds me of a program I watch on RFD-TV, Postcards From Nebraska, written and narrated by Roger Welsch. It's also a book. Please don't stop. We need more of this.

  7. YEs, sometimes we do over look the obvious. I am glad you stopped to shoot this. I like it. I don't always take pictures, but I like to stop and think when I happen to see something like that. Down Eastern NC I get to see some beauties. Thanks...

  8. Those trumpet vines do tend to take over the world. I've never seen one cover a roof before though. Great picture! You've got a good eye for capturing things others would just drive right by without a second thought.

  9. Funny how your phone in the air confirmed your blogger profile. Great photo again!

  10. Beautiful photo and very descriptive! I felt like I was there.

  11. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Love Mother Nature's roofing job!!


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