Saturday, August 27, 2016

Maintenance Day

It's been a week of maintenance for home, body, and soul. Life is a cycle of peaks and troughs. Last week felt a little trough'ish to me. Is that a word?  I've live long enough to know that if you never felt down, you wouldn't appreciate the times when you were up.

Usually, when I feel this way I get down to the basics and do things that require little brainpower. That's why I replace steps on the porch and repaired torn screens. 

In the scheme of things, everything is important. Some things seem more important than other things because they carry a sense of urgency, but everything is important. 

Taking care of some of the things on my list that were not urgent felt good. 

Today was a low-key day. I finished up some of the trim work around the screen, while Jilda picked a few of the late tomatoes and peppers. The brutal heat killed all the hybrid plants, but the heirloom survived. I wasn't surprised. 

Over at the edge of the garden, the Old Maids were still putting on a show. I needed a picture tonight so I snapped one.


  1. Love the colours around you.
    Yes, lots of things are important, and some of them are urgent as well.

  2. Love the surreal quality of your photograph.

  3. The photo looks more like a painting then a photo...that's a compliment...I think.

  4. Everything is important....
    And, it sounds like you have the correct aspect on dealing with the trough days.
    Sending hugs and continued prayers for Jilda.

  5. Glad you snapped that photo. Brave and encouraging colors!

  6. Small task can be important yet stressless and relaxing to accomplish.

  7. WOW, to the picture. And also would like to say you re the first person who expressed how I have felt at times. I used to joke how I loved roofing a house for that same reason. The monotonous WORK but took less brain power, it actually seemed to be able to lift my spirits. Thanks dude!.

  8. Anonymous12:02 PM

    It is reminiscent of a Monet painting!!

  9. The Old Maids look lovely in all their finery.

  10. Maintenance is so important for all things if we do not want said things to fall apart


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