Saturday, September 17, 2016

Apple News

There's an apple tree in the field that we planted in 1980 when we first moved here. We bought it from Stark Brothers, and it was not cheap. Neither of us made a lot of money then because I was just getting started with Ma Bell, but we decided to invest in the future. 

This tree did not let us down. But the last year or two, it began to show its age. Woodpeckers love the beetles the peck from the bark, and their relentless pecking left some of the branches pocked with holes and as a result, they weakened. 

This year, two of the larger branches gave up the fight and collapsed under the weight of the apple harvest. 

It still has a lot of beautiful apples left this year, but before next year, I'll need to rent a lift and do some serious pruning, and I'm not sure it will survive.

We've already planted younger apple trees to take its place, but they have big baskets to fill.
The apples will be ready to pick in a few weeks, and we'll enjoy them while they last. Some of our friends may be disappointed this year because we won't have as many to share.

On another note, we played again today at a small community festival. Our bookings had been thin, but then we booked four in one day.  

I hope you've had a delightful weekend so far and you have a restful Sunday.



  1. Now you've got my mouth watering for a nice juicy apple.

  2. Planting trees is a WONDERFUL investment in the future.

  3. I hope you can save the tree.

  4. Anonymous2:07 AM

    I hope you meant four FUTURE bookings!!

  5. I'm always amazed at how far back they trim the apple trees at one of our local orchards,but it does help them to bear good fruit. It's the same in our lives we are stronger when we prune away some of the things we have.

  6. nothing better than a fresh picked apple except the relationship between oneself and the tree it was picked from. I always grieve the tough love of pruning when it risks the life of an old tree-friend.

  7. When the green apples got a little bigger than a quarter, I started eating them. I had salt in a wax paper twist. I ate them until the were ripe. Love apples. I do not like them 'mushy', I want to hear them crack when I bit them.
    I nearly cried when our neighbor said her apple tree had to come down, it was getting too old to handle the fruit. It was like a funeral to the boys around there and the ladies who canned and made jelly. One tree seemed to furnish several families.
    As usual, a good memory getter!

  8. Big baskets to fill. I like that....


  9. I would love an apple tree and a mandarin tree but Tim isn't interested in having either

  10. We had apple trees growing up but they were never the best. I do love an apple right off the tree...tastes so good. I love what you did with this an I passion it's painting but also reminds me of that film What Dreams May Come.


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