Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm not sure what happened officer

The butterflies are still here. Normally they would all be gone except for a few stragglers coming from Tennesse, or further north that stop and feed on the few flowers that are left. 

But this year, they're hanging. Today when I walked out front where there is no lawn, I noticed a swarm of swallowtail butterflies all over the ground. They scattered like a covey of quail when I approached to snap a photo, but this one looked stoned. I think these blue beauties are getting high on the fermenting persimmons in my yard. I can see the headlines now. Local resident arrested for getting underaged Papilionidaes stoned. 
The headlines might read: 

Bubba Busted for getting Butterflies Blasted

Dateline: September 14, 2016 Empire, Alabama

Really, officer I'm not sure what happened. I was just walking around the yard minding my own business when all the butterflies began swooping and swerving all around. Yes, I did find it odd that they were being overly friendly, but I thought it was the patchouli oil I was wearing.
The sheriff said, "Tell it to the judge."

I guess you can tell it's been a slow day here in Empire.


  1. This is a beautiful butterfly. I love the colour and now I want to create a butterfly with this colour. On another note, I'm wondering if the butterfly was listening to White Rabbit and grooving to the music

  2. What a beautiful butterfly. I AM AMAZED that they can migrate, they flit like they are high all the time, and have no idea where they are going. LOL
    I don't remember ever catching one still long enough for me to photograph.

  3. I saw a red and white one with black polka dots yesterday but it got away before I could get my camera. He will be back.
    Cute story.

  4. I appreciate your sense of humor. Fun reading today.

  5. When I go on our fly fish trip in Md. early in June we always see these guys swarming on the ground exactly as you describe. Always on the Savage River.

  6. How very, very beautiful.
    Thank you. I needed to see (and read) this today.

  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    A funny video for you!!

  8. It really is an intriguing photograph.


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