Sunday, September 04, 2016

Cleaning my keyboard

mnbvcxzzxaqaQ nbvbnbvcxzxcvbnmgfdsvcxzasdfghjhgfdsaxxz. Oops. I was cleaning my keyboard. I started to delete it, but then I realized the Department of Homeland Security might be monitoring my computer so I thought I'd save them hours of trying to decipher the code.

Of course, if I were up to no good, typing in a strange code that meant something, but only Bubba who is planning a domestic terror act of freeing chickens down at the chicken plant to protest the cost of eggs at Walmart, I might dismiss it on my blog as something as harmless as "I'm cleaning my keyboard."

Seriously, it's a little scary when you think of all the information that's out there. Have you ever Googled your name? Or your street address. When I searched for my name, I got 1.5 million hits. Obviously all of them are not about me, but the first several pages were.

I never saw a Google Mapping Car drive by our house, but apparently, it did because there's a street view of our house. You can't see much because, all the trees and shrubs, but looking down the road past our house, you can see my nieces dog standing in the middle of the road as she frequently does.

All those ads you see on Facebook as you're posting pictures of your cat and those sponsored ads when you search for the nearest Starbucks are not random ads. They are ads tailored to what they think you might be interested in based on your search history and the things you "Like" on Facebook.

I'm sure the DHS has a lot of smart tools that are not available to the general public, so there's no telling what they know about us.

All I can say is this. Don't post, search, or do anything online that you wouldn't want to appear in the local paper because there's a good chance someone or some machine is logging somewhere.

And if you're reading this Bubba, kdjafsapioertieuraiodf;lkefjaoiyefpoiaejkdnaytr0398yrua'lkd
nvaslkdnvkjskjfasd;lfkjlkasdfjai. Set 'em free.

DHS this is REALLY just a butterfly enjoying a mushy watermelon.


  1. We have lost all privacy. What's interesting to me is that the younger generation seems to have acclimated to lowered expectations of privacy. I'm still an old hold-out when it comes to signing up for Facebook. My reluctance is probably moot because my info is probably already out there.
    Makes me think of the Ernest T. Bass line, "I'll think I'll just hermitize myself."

    Pretty butterfly.

  2. I can't match your 1.5 million hits but there are a lot of people with my name in the USA.


  3. Interesting post. Yes it is absolutly hard to understand the amt of data and HOW can it be manipulated and harvested, for solid stuff?

    I said to myself, the butterfly musta let the chickens in first.

    Lot of good watermelon left there!

  4. Privacy probably doesn't exist unless you are not on the Internet at all. I have googled my name and you can see quite a bit but thankfully I'm not that important so not too many people care. Simply we don't have to be on the net or blog or anything like that but I don't think that's realistic. My home is also on the google maps and they have updated it because, before, my dog, Katie, was on the maps. So I am signing of as klamdnfhdnd c&$&@/$ can.

  5. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I'm not the only fishducky, either!!

  6. I don't play FB, and don't regret it.
    Love the butterfly and its dinner.

  7. Another rule is to not post something you don't want your parents or children to see. Somehow those things appear when you don't want them to. I have always been too careful about the things I put in a permanent form.

  8. Most of the people I share my name with are criminals. Aside from me, of course.

  9. You cleaned your keyboard, I really should clean mine but I never remember to do so, just like I usually don't remember to clean the screen of the laptop or the tv screen or anything else most of the time. I have Googled my name a few times not much comes up.

  10. Beautiful photo of a buuterfly eating watermellon. As far as privacy, do this....
    Remove yourself from search.
    Go to - find yourself on there, then copy the url and hit "privacy" at the bottom of the screen. It will direct you to paste your url, put in your email and type in a few letters. It sends you a note to your email to confirm that you don't want to be on there.
    It doesnt guarentee all privacy but it will remove your name from people finding your address.


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