Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Remembering Ol' Buddy

I was devoid of ideas tonight so as I often do, I start flipping through old photographs. 

Looking back at pictures taken during the month of September seemed like a good place to star. Last year I had some good photos, but none of them resonated.

I wandered back through the years and came upon a picture that I took in September of 2007. I took the photograph while walking through the woods with Ol' Buddy. He was a gnarly little dog with questionable heritage, and a cantankerous disposition. 

Ol' Buddy belonged to Jilda's mom who spoiled him rotten and he bit almost me every time we visited her. But Ruby loved Ol' Buddy and that was that. I could get along with him, or sit in the front yard swing and eat leftovers. I decided to make peace with Ol' Buddy so we learned to get along. 

He was my constant companion for many years and rode in my truck everywhere I went. And when he fell ill and died, I wept as if I'd lost a child.

We've had a lot of good dogs in our lives, but Ol' Buddy was one of the best.


  1. They just get right I to our hearts and always make us remember them with tears

  2. A good dog and faithful companion is a blessing indeed!

  3. Once they worm their way into our hearts, they are never forgotten and always remembered with tears and joy.

  4. There's always one special dog that tugs at our heeart strings more than the others. Our special dog has been gone over twenty years and we still miss her.

  5. All dogs are wonderful, but I believe you only get one "Great" dog...two if your lucky. Mine was a black lab.

    I know Buddy's breed as that wonderful "American Black and Tan" one of the best breeds ever.

  6. I have found that pets are like children. Each has a unique personality and a different way of relating. The love is no more or less, just different.

  7. Faulkner is the dog of my life, but I love every dog who has shared my dinner with me.


  8. Awww, bless his heart! What an adorable dog! You were lucky to have each other!

  9. Isn't amazing how much a pet can mean to us and how even years after they have died we can still feel good when we think of them


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