Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Things that are worthwhile

Ever since we built our house in 1983, we've had trees in our house. The great room has a pitched roof with floor to ceiling windows across the front. It is 14 feet at the apex, so there is room for the trees to grow.

Springtime after the danger of frost, we move the trees outside, and they seem to rejoice, but
who wouldn't? Yes, we've had these trees so long that we come to think of them as old friends. 

We have a  lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange trees. We also have avocado trees grown from a seed that Jilda's mom rooted in a cup on her kitchen sink.  It's over 10 feet tall now. Some of the other citrus trees are even taller. 

When people visit us for the first time during the colder months, they are intrigued by all the plants are overhanging the edge of the couch and mantel. They provide an atmosphere that one doesn't find just anywhere. 

But through the years, none of the trees have ever bloomed and/or bore fruit. Then, a few years ago a friend told us about Meyer lemon trees. They are small trees that originated in China and are thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin or common orange. 

We bought one but based on our history of citrus trees, we didn't bet the barn on it would bloom.  We hadn't had it long when we noticed buds developing, and soon beautiful flowers blossomed all over the tiny tree. 

Apparently, we didn't do something right the first year because all the little lemons fell off before maturing. However this year, it was loaded with blossoms, but the fruit didn't fall.  

It's hard to imagine that these tiny branches are supporting fruit, but we have eight full-sized lemons on our tree.

Soon they will be ripe, and we plan to make lemonade. Maybe we'll get a few more trees to keep this one company. 

When the season's change, it's a pain moving them inside and then out, but as is often the case, things that are worthwhile often don't come easy.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Trees are ALWAYS worth the trouble!!

  2. I'd love to sit in your great room, chat with you and enjoy those trees.

  3. My Mom has had lemon trees that have provided fruit and she brings them indoors too. I can't find any around here and always forget to check out where Mom gets hers. Good luck and enjoy that lemonade!

  4. Should be the best lemonade ever!

  5. How wonderful.
    And trees are a gift.

  6. I do love fresh lemons and lemonade too. I really envy that tree you have. I tried to grow a magnolia tree indoors once as it's too cold for them to winter outside here with no success at all. Congrats on you success! Enjoy the lemons !

  7. I grew an avocado tree once too. It never produced fruit. Id love to have a lemon tree.

  8. What an experience. Maybe the other trees need to be cross-pollinated to bear fruit?

  9. Your house design used to be my dream, and I NEVER built one. I have a sneaking feeling had I read this 30 years ago, WE would have a home like that. ;-)


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