Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Bewitching charm of the blazing star

The Phoebis Trite, with all its might, tried leaving Alabama. 

But the bewitching charm of the
blazing star,  caused  the Lepidoptera to miss the southerly breeze.

It may have to winter here.  If it's as warm this year as it was last year, it will be fine.

I know I've posted a lot of butterfly pictures, but they are still everywhere. It seems in years past, they flee before now, but I could be mistaken.

It seems wrong not to acknowledge the gift of their presence here.


  1. Butterflies, like rainbows, are ephemeral magic which should always be acknowledged. And savoured.

  2. Butterflies mean joy in life and it's true. Love what you wrote

  3. I thought the same thing. It seems the butterflies appeared a month later than normal and still hanging around. They seem to be much bigger too.

  4. Ain't never a time NOT to show a butterfly. They are 'bewitching' I stood for a few long minutes again, to catch one landed but they would not listen to me. So I just enjoyed watching them FLIT!

  5. They say fall will be warmer than usual so maybe we can all enjoy them longer this year. It seems that nature has a way of telling them when to come and when to go.

  6. I can never get too many butterflies. They always make me feel cheerful.


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