Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy with the sumac

Even though there has not been a hint of cooler weather, autumn is inching toward us. I know the autumnal equinox is four days away Helios didn't get the memo. Thankfully we did get a brief shower yesterday evening and last night but apparently Hyades played a practical joke on the thirsty people of Central Alabama because there was barely enough rainwater to pour out of the mop bucket.

But still, the subtle colors of autumn are materializing like a polaroid print.  You can see it in the oak, hickory, and ironwood. But the sumac really began showing out the last few days. 

This morning after brunch, I headed to the store to pick up grapes, apples, and a few things on the menu for dinner. On the way down, I passed a small grove of sumac. When I glanced in the mirror, there were not cars following me, so I slowed to a stop and backed up. Sliding the gearshift into park, I left the engine running and stepped to the edge of the road to snap a few pictures. You can get away with this on a country road.

I'd forgotten about the pictures until I sat down to write this evening. 

Some years when the weather's right and we get plenty of rain in late August, I would put our fall color up there with most any other place on the planet. But in years when Hyades is on holiday, we have to be happy with the sumac.


  1. Oh my. Arboreal fireworks at their best. And we use sumac in cooking, but I have never see the plant before. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous11:09 PM

      Fireworks is the perfect description!!

  2. Gorgeous! Is Sumac like poison ivy? Hope it's cooler for you soon. We get a little taste of cool then back to warm. By the end of this week we may see Fall arrive with cool temps to match.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great shot Rick! The stormy skies in the back ground give it a tropical feel.
    (Above comment was removed because I cant spell. Ha)

  5. I adore fall colors, they are so pretty... I hope you get your cool weather soon... ours has started, time for me to start wearing a jacket xox

  6. I've always heard of poison sumac, apparently not the same stuff.

  7. WOW one thing you can say, FALL knows how to advertise. That is an eye catcher!

  8. Vibrant colour! Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait.

  9. Our sumac hasn't begun to turn yet. I adore fall colors.

  10. Chocolate box colours.


  11. A bloody wonderful photo, love the colours, just saying, here it is getting warmer but still I am in long pants just not really warm long pants more light weight so I don't end up sweating if only Tim would leave the front door shut


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