Friday, September 16, 2016

If today were a fruit

If today had been a fruit, it would have been a peach. It was hotter than lava, but  we chose to look on the bright side. The sky was deep blue with purpose and pinguin clouds drifting toward the east.

We were in bed until 7:10, but were both awake long before that so I rolled out and fired up the coffee maker.

We decided to walk early and the dogs were happy about that decision. By the time we'd walked two laps, I was dripping wet and we both had other chores that weren't going to do themselves so we headed back.

I unloaded the equipment from last night while Jilda whipped up cheese grits and bacon. No matter how bad things get, a steaming bowl of cheese grits with crisp bacon will set you right.

When we took the dishes to the sink for dishwasher loading, Jilda glanced out the window and said, "LOOK."  There was a doe under the apple tree, and as we stood there and watched, I noticed her fawn a few feet away munching on ripe persimmons. I snapped a photo with my camera, but they were so far away, you couldn't really see them so I snapped a few mental pictures.

Tomorrow we play another arts and crafts festival at a local community center. These are our favorite gigs. There are rarely many people, but the ones who do come a genuine.  

I hope your day was a good one.

Sunset on the marigolds



  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    You have a good life, Rick--& you appreciate it!!

  2. A doe? AND a fawn? Bliss
    I hope the rest of your weekend continues to be peachy.

  3. I love to watch all animals methinks, BUT there is something special about the deer. They are beautiful creatures. Love the orange!

  4. You are one lucky man, and wise enough to know it. Take care.

  5. Sounds like a perfect evening from the cheesy grits and bacon to the deer.

  6. I used to know someone that always said, Just peachy, when asked how he was doing. And truly there are days like that! I love your marigold picture. They are especially colorful this time of year.

  7. A good beginning to a good day. Out day here is like a watermelon. Refreshingly cool and moist.


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