Sunday, September 11, 2016

Simple things

My great nephew Jordan who lives next door is the happiest kid I know. The only time he isn't smiling is when he's studying or when he doesn't feel well. Otherwise, he's smiling. 

I'd been cutting grass, and trimming a dead limb from the apple tree just prior to his visit yesterday afternoon. Sitting in the shade of the backyard, I was letting a breeze out of the northwest cool me down. I heard him giggling before he crawled through the doggie door to
join me. He was holding one of Jilda's world famous homemade popsicles. 

Once outside, he had to have the scoop as to what I'd been up to. Experience has taught me that I can't give him the short answer because he wants verifiable details.  If I tell him I did something, he'll go check and give me feedback. And if I was blowing smoke up his britches leg, he calls me on it.

But, I gave him the lowdown on what I'd done that afternoon. I'd taken off my sunhat and laid it on the bench beside me while I cooled down.  He settled on the bench beside me and picked up the hat with one fluid motion. 

He asked if I'd like one of the popsicles. It looked really good so I told him that I'd love one. He sprang off the bench and went into the house to fetch me one. When he came back, his mom and Jilda were with him.

We all sat there and talked for a long while. When the conversation lagged, Jordan posed for a picture. 

I love these simple times. With the world going crazy, it's easy to get drawn into the drama. Twenty years from now, the drama will still be here, but the actors will have changed. But I'll hold on to these simple moments for as long as I live. In the vastness of time, the love of family, friends, and a smiling child are the only things that truly matter.


  1. Jordan is growing so ... and (is it possible?) looking even more handsome. I love your closing line.

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    What a handsome devil!!

  3. Great picture. It looks like he's growing fast.

  4. Not sure if he is your great-nephew, or a great nephew...probably both.

  5. Love that smile.
    And yes, the simple things, the small things are HUGE in my world.

  6. Crawling through the doggie door - isn't that just what kids do? Jordan is such a likable boy.


  7. Hes a cute fella and I snickered when I read he slipped through the doggie door. I bet he is a ball of fun. Enjoy every second you get.

  8. Those simple times are the best for sure !

  9. Relaxing on the porch on a hot day is so reminiscent of my childhood. I used to sit and listen to the grown-ups talk. Soothing.

  10. I love what your wrote especially the last few lines because it is so true. he does look like a happy kid and that is nice to see

  11. I love seeing Jordan's smiling face on your blog. He is a beautiful child, and how sweet is it that he went to get a "cold one" for you?


  12. He's so handsome. I feel like I've watched him grow up here. Enjoy that sweet smile and all the simple things! You're very blessed!

  13. He has such a wonderful smile and is clear you love him and enjoy having him around

  14. Love that dude in the hat. Good shot. Yes, those are the times to remember, just flat nice! It kicked in a good entry also!


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