Friday, January 27, 2017

Fried chicken

Wednesday when we drove north to Muscle Shoals, we had lunch at a restaurant that is a favorite of the locals. The menu is eclectic. They are known for chicken, but they have all kinds of food. 

Jilda ordered tamales and she grunted with pleasure all through lunch. Max ordered the catfish, and Jerry ordered chicken soup. But I ordered fried chicken. 

It's one of those places that doesn't try to appeal to the health conscience. They make no excuse, but they do make some of the best fried chicken I've had since Jilda's mama died.

This chicken was unlike the fast food fried chicken because it didn't sit heavy.  It hadn't been sitting under a sunlamp either. After ordering, it took a while for the waitress to bring to the table. 

Jerry, who is a regular said, "Y'all must have ordered the chicken." He knew that they fry it when you order it.

We eat very little fried food. Most of what we eat tastes good and nutritious. That's because Jilda cooks most every day. Sometimes on Thursdays, I pick up Chinese food because she works late. But other than that, she prepares what we eat.

My recommendation to you is this: Find yourself a roadhouse outside the city limits. You'll know when you find it because they need police to control traffic in and out of the parking lot. Sit down by a window, and ask the waitress what dishes they're known for. And be prepared to be amazed.

Champy's Yard Art


  1. I don't have it often, but once in a while I get fried chicken...OMG is it good, and I'm talking about the under the heat lamp stuff, so really good fried chicken must be outrageous.

  2. I no longer eat meat, but do remember that a 'good' fried chicken was a wonderful thing.

  3. I forgot what I was going to comment because I just got tickled at the toilet art sitting at the end your food post!

  4. I have had fried chicken before but not one of my favourites but always worth trying again. Now love the bird art but not quite sure bout the toilet....just saying:)

  5. I know if I find a good place to eat I will usually order the same thing every time I go. If they have a special item that appeals to me it just seems a shame to try something else.

  6. I love the rooster but the toilet would make me think twice before trying the fried chicken, lol...
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Fried chicken is a classic comfort food and while I haven't made any in a long time, It must be time! My favorite way to fix it is in the oven. Oven fried chicken is delicious! Glad you got a chance to enjoy some fried chicken and the company of friends and yard art too!

  8. good read. My mama was good with chicken, one of the best. she taught Sherry very well, sherry it in the top ratings also. BUT fried chicken is on of the best foods I have ever eaten. There are folk who fry chicken, and then there are folk who KNOW HOW TO FRY chicken.
    We seldom have fried anything anymore, I'm trying to live forever. Sherry says so far I am doing good at it.
    Thanks for a good visit!

  9. I also love fried chicken, although lately I've been staying away from it.

  10. We don't eat much fried food either but I would love to have some real southern, from scratch, fried chicken! Every once in a while it's OK to indulge! Your comment about Chinese food on Thursdays made me smile because every Thursday for lunch Jack gets Chinese food..same thing every time. The owner always kids him about getting the same thing every time! Hey, go with what you love I guess!

  11. We avoid fried food, too, but it sure is good. :)

  12. Anonymous3:10 PM

    A good fried chicken is ambrosia of the gods!!

  13. I need to check that out!


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