Friday, January 20, 2017

Same time last year

This week last year I was on my way to New Orleans for a conference. I love New Orleans. The food there is incredible. Back in 1980 after Hurricane Fredrick, I worked in Mobile for almost a year helping restore temporary telephone service and later when everyone was back in service, I stayed on to help replace the infrastructure. Jilda joined me and we lived at the Howard Johnson. Our address that year was HoJo, Gov. Blvd. Mobile, Al. room 232. 

The work that summer was grueling. Hanging wire, and digging trenches as the mercury hovered near 100 degrees with humidity so high that it made the air feel like Karo Syrup was brutal. At first, we worked as much overtime as we wanted, but the infrastructure work wasn't critical in nature, so our overtime work declined.  This meant that the crew was off every weekend. 

You can only go to the beach so much and then it becomes tiresome. So we branched out. We'd go to Biloxi, Mississippi, and other places within driving distance. But about every third week, we'd head down to New Orleans.

We had an opportunity to explore the city. The sites, aromas, and the music. I fell in love with the place

When I was there last year, Jilda couldn't get off work, so I went alone. That wasn't as much fun, but the conference left little time for leisure. But I did get a chance to enjoy some seafood.

 I hope you all have a remarkable weekend. 


  1. Never been, I think I've missed out.

  2. Oh yes my friend. I don't know that it is magic, but there is something. We love it there. We had never taken one of the paddle wheelers until the last time. That was good also. you do know how to stir memories. THANKS!

  3. I hope you and Jilda have an equally wonderful weekend.

  4. It would be fun to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.My aunt loved it there.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I have been to New Orleans and it is something to see and taste for sure ! That was many years ago now but I think the soul of the city remains.

  6. It is nice to go back and see the changes and yet see things that are the same. I have never been to New Orleans but would like to one day.

  7. When I was a child one of my friends went with her family to Mardis Gras every year. They had family who lived in New Orleans so they didn't have to worry about a place to stay.

  8. I've yet to make it to the "Big Easy," but I'm looking forward to visiting one day.

  9. Anonymous1:17 PM

    New Orleans has the BEST food ever!!

  10. My mom has been to New Orleans and she really loved it! I hope one day to go!

  11. I think I would like to visit New Orleans one day


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