Thursday, January 26, 2017

Old pictures

I pulled a book from a shelf of my office library today. The book was dusty. It was on a top shelf, and I had to tiptoe to pull it down. It was On Walden Pond, by Henry David Thoreau.

An idea for a column came to mind, and the book played a role in the story. Pulling it down, I blew dust from the top and flipped it open. A photograph fell from between the pages.

Stepping back, I pulled it from under the paper shredder where it had tried to hide when it fell. A corner view told me it was an old picture, but I didn't need to see the photo to know that it had been hiding there for many years.

Sliding it out, I flipped it over and smiled. It was a picture of Jilda taken around 1971 which was before we married. Our friend Tommy Wilson, who later taught me about things photography, had taken the picture.

The camera has always been kind to her.  She has a knack for posing in a way that looks effortless – natural. It's called being photogenic. I don't have that knack. I often look as if I'm in pain or about to pass gas. Perhaps that was a little too much information, but if you look back at pictures of me, you'll agree.

I submitted my column for Sunday's paper but I didn't mention the photograph. I think I'll save that idea for another time.

I hope you all have a remarkable Friday and enjoy the LAST weekend in January.


  1. I think you hit a home run my friend.

  2. A wonderful picture, a combination of sultry and angelic.

  3. She is truly beautiful. Which you know.

  4. She looks like an ingenue looking for a movie role. She is gorgeous.

  5. One dusty book one beautiful nostalgia memory.

  6. YES! Beautifully done shot. And yes the camera is good to her, but it didn't have to make much effort, the subject did it.

  7. There is absolutely no doubt that Jilda is VERY photogenic.


  8. A fine photo, Rick. Her eyes, turned slightly away from the lens, give the whole pose a gently meditative aspect. Your Mr. Wilson did an exceptional job.

  9. Jilda looks so sweet, innocent and angelic on that photo. What a lucky move to get that old book from the shelf. You get a sweet memory and a column for the newspaper at the same time.
    Enjoy your day.

  10. Natural Beauty right there! Looks like a photo from a teen magazine. Stunning.
    Funny how things fall under the dust.

  11. Beautiful photo and what a nice thing to find on top of a shelf...should be framed.

  12. Anonymous7:17 PM

    She is gorgeous!!


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