Sunday, January 08, 2017

The trick to happiness

The weatherman says it there's a good chance it will rain while we're at the beach next week. I get a feeling he just said that to spite me, but here's the thing: I don't give a toot. I love walking in the rain on the beach.

We don't go to the beach these days to swim. We go to be near the sound of the pounding surf. The salty mist blowing off the gulf is like a medicinal ocean potion for the soul. Being near the water makes me feel taller.

Some of the great memories from my young adult life happened on the beaches of Alabama and Florida.

We had a chance to live there soon after Jilda and I were married. I landed a job in construction and I even worked a half day, but I felt deep down that it was not a good move at that point in our lives.  

I sometimes wonder how our lives would have turned out had I kept that job and our lives played out near the ocean. I fear it would not have remained special to us had we been there every day.

This place that we now call home would have belonged to someone else, and we would not have watched our nieces and nephews grow up. And we would not have been a big part of their lives. 

I don't waste a lot of time wondering "What if." There is little to be gained from wondering if life would have been better had I made one decision rather than another.  

The trick to happiness I think is to thankful for the blessings you receive each day.


  1. Living in the moment is a lesson we all need to learn, once we do, we can appreciate the moments more xox

  2. And aren't we lucky to have blessings (including walks in the rain) to count.
    Enjoy your time away.

  3. You've got that formula right. ♥ A GRATEFUL HEART IS A HAPPY HEART ♥. Now put that sign in your office and have a great day.

  4. Anonymous7:52 AM

    We need to try to live in all the places in different situations...

  5. I totally agree with that ! Thankfulness is the way to go!

  6. Okay my friend, AAIN youare right as RAIN! I like the saying that someone coined in the past couple years, IT IS WHAT IT IS! That is how I look at life. My happiness is what it is, and I am GLAD!
    You done good, now enjoy the beach (when you get there()

  7. I learned long ago that the secret to becoming happy is to actually be happy. If you begin the day with a smile and good thoughts that is the way your day will be.

  8. I think you're spot-on about the coast not being so special, were you to see it everyday. When I used to take the Gandy Bridge from Tampa to St. Pete every day, I grew oblivious. One day, a visitor remarked on the dolphins frolicking and I had one of those 'whack up the side of the head' reality checks.

    Rain is wonderful, but I'm scared silly of lightening.

  9. Knowing you are blessed is something many people fail to realize. You are fortunate to cherish what you have. Take care.

  10. Well. I hope the weatherman is wrong. Ive noticed that everytime we go to the beach they call for rain but I think they mean quite a few miles inland becauses it hardly ever rains on us on when we are there. I think it will be nice next weekend there. Cant wait to read all about it.

  11. Walking on a beach in the rain sounds bloody awesome, I would like to do that


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