Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Tending blueberries

My lovely spouse incorporates blueberries into our menu often. We have blueberry protein shakes, blueberry waffles, and blueberry muffins. I toss fresh blueberries into my cereal in summer, and the often end up in fruit salads and other dishes.

We'd both have to get additional part-time jobs to buy these blueberries if we didn't grow them in our garden.

We've had them for some time, but I didn't REALLY know how to care for them until I attended a Master Gardener's class held by the county extension agent a few years ago. 

Since then, our blueberries have been off the charts.

Today, I bought a bale of peat moss and several bags of pine bark mulch to spread around the existing plants.

There were several offsprigs (is that a word?) that I dug up and planted a new row. I'd love to grow more blueberries than we can eat so that we could sell some and expand our crop.  

This evening Jilda is making homemade chicken soup. My back and bones are weary, but it's a good kind of weary. I hope you all have had a productive day.


  1. Jack might need that class as our berries didn't fair too well last summer. It was a very dry year but still, we've struggled with them. I'm not sure we can do much as it's winter and snowing today! We'll see how they do this summer I guess! Love that pic!

  2. I love blueberries and they are so good for you... my friend picks them all summer long and fills her freezer and mine... she gets them from where they grow wild. Yours really do look delicious xox

  3. Surprised you had a good crop with the drought. Love'em but they ain't cheap.

  4. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I'm jealous; I love blueberries!!

  5. Yum. And echoing fishducky.

  6. Blueberry smoothies sound good right now. I hope a bumper crop for you this year.

  7. I have raisins in my cereal, Sherry has Blueberries, but they are never fresh. One day when we retire I might try to raise them. My thumb must be blue I cannot grow Ivy, maybe if I were to try hard, i could do blue berries.
    Nice picture to make those who love 'em salivate!
    From down in florida where we had RAIN!

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  9. Mmmmmm. Blueberries. It's berry season down here and I bought some blueberries today, to go with the strawberries.


  10. I too love blue berries but never have fresh ones like you do. They do take care as does any garden so I'm thankful for the ones I find in the store.

  11. You make it sound like it's spring down there. Our ground is covered with snow.
    I think blueberries love acidy soil and they would love that peatmoss to keep them from drying up in dry weather.
    I love blueberries.

  12. I love blueberries, especially on my cereal in the morning.

  13. I love blueberries!!!

  14. Leo loves all berries, blue, straw,black and raspberries


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