Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday report

Storms moved in just after midnight. I could hear it stomping closer as it moved in from the south. Soon our collie Caillou, who has his own bed at the foot of ours was trying to join us. 
I pulled my hand from under the cover and reached down to try and calm him. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

He stood beside the bed while the storm passed. There were times in the past when he woke me from a dead sleep that I scolded him for trying to get on the bed. It broke his heart. When I woke up and went to check on him, I found that he'd gone into the shower stall in my bathroom and lying there shaking when I found him. 

Most of the time our pets are a joy to us. They're always thrilled to see us and ready to walk when they see us putting on our shoes. But, pets look to us when they are frightened or need reassurance. 

It took about an hour for the storm to pass, but after about 30 minutes, Caillou curled up on the throw rug beside my bed and fell asleep.

This afternoon, there was a short pause between showers, so we all went for a walk. I felt good outside. I had cabin fever, and nothing cures it faster than a stroll with the dogs.


  1. Bless the love of a dog. Good solution, hand on the dog and you can still kind of snooze.

  2. This is such a beautiful dog and so glad you could calm him and he fell asleep. I wish we had a nice cold day and snow as, right now, it has been gray and brown

  3. I'd have let him up on the bed...I hear that was a really bad storm.

  4. Caillou is such a loving dog even during storms.

  5. Poor thing. Our dog is also afraid of big storms but mmy son lets her in his bed.

  6. A German Shepherd we had when I was a child used to fling herself into the nearest lap at the first thunderclap. It breaks my heart when they are afraid. Even more when we let them down. Glad that you could calm Caillou last night.

  7. Caillou, I never tire of pictures of that beauty.
    You always wonder why the fear. My wife Sherry is not at bas as she was, but when we first married lightening and thunder put her into the 'nervous wreck' category. He family gathered together in a hallway all her life during storms. My family mostly ignored them. I love lightning and thunder, i enjoy the fireworks. I was hit by the effects of lightening once and threw 15 feet, but still respect, but enjoy it.
    so it makes me wonder in a pups life, what happened?
    Good post. Love the Collie.

  8. Poor Caillou. I might have grabbed a blanket and laid on the floor with him. Rex and Lily jump up on my bed, they just aren't allowed on the sheets. I have found Rex in the shower, too, but in the middle of our 100+ temperatures!

  9. Storms used to bring us several kids in the bed. It was amazing how an ordinary full size bed could hold 2 adults and at least 4 or 5 kids. The dog had no choice but to hide under the bed. Ha !

  10. Dogs provide us with so much that giving them love and reassurances during storms is the least we can do.

  11. next time, Try laying one of your shirts across him or next to him to give him some reasurrance. Its goood also that you stand your ground and not let him in your bed thought I know you wanted to so badly.

  12. We were fortunate that our storms ended by ten last night. Everyone was able to take a potty break without fear and then hop into bed. Penelope always trembles during storms. Franklin doesn't like bad weather but doesn't get quite as upset. I grew up in Kansas, so storms don't bother me.


  13. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Caillou is a treasure!!

  14. Our pets can bring such joy to our lives


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