Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm here

The last day of January was almost warm enough to swim here.  I wore a long-sleeve shirt to work this morning but by lunch, I regretted the decision. But then, shorts and tee shirts would not be on the list of recommended attire for college employees. 

Tomorrow is February 1, and it's the point where we scratch our heads and say, "Where did January go?"  With a few clicks, I can look back at my blog and see what I did...what I thought...what I photographed. Sometimes it's not much but it's a written record of my existence.

Someone asked me once why I blog every day. The only answer I have is that I can prove I was here.


  1. I tried to post every day but I couldn't maintain a level of quality I was happy with.

  2. Keep posting every day. Even small observations of life's moments have a beauty about them.

  3. Glad to see you are here.

  4. That's a good reason to write Rick. ..I'm glad you're here too xox

  5. I will swear I did not see YOU.......... tomorrow!

  6. Glad you are warming. We are above freezing for a few days at least.

  7. I'm glad your here! Enjoy your daily posts!

  8. I can't blog everyday, not even every week. My life is so busy but it is what it is.
    Everyday is different yet the same. Every day has it's challenges and I do my best but I no longer feel the need to blog about it. I seem to blog only about things I want to record for myself and family. Everyone had different needs. I like to keep in touch with blog buddies more than I like to blog about what I did.

    I'm jealous of your warm weather. It's -19°C. or -2.2F. I bet it won't be too long before you go fly fishing. Have you tried tying your own flies. My brother in law ties and sells them. It's a great hobby.

    Enjoy your warm weather

  9. I can hardly think of a post to write once a week, much less once a day. But then again I have a pretty boring and life. Each day is routine. You have a good point though.

  10. Yeah I sometimes feel for those poor sods (of which you may one) who has to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts to work on stinking hot days

  11. I've been a slacker blogger! I enjoy your posts and I also enjoy having a blog for a small journal of my life. The books I have done at the end of the year are good reminders that even the small events are worth keeping memories alive. I will get back on the blog horse this week!

  12. A good reason to write everyday! Great pic!


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