Tuesday, January 10, 2017


My college football team won a National Championship last year. They had one loss earlier in 2015 but hadn't lost a game since. They beat Clemson last year 45 to 40. It was a barn burner and at the end of that game, I felt as if I'd played three-quarters.

There were questions this year. Many of the stars on both sides of the line went pro. The Crimson Tide didn't start from scratch, but we had freshmen in many key positions including quarterback. There were many close calls, but our team survived the regular season and a playoff game on New Year's Eve against Washington.

The win set up a rematch with Clemson. The quarterback for the Tigers was seasoned and when interviewed, was articulate and apparently very smart.

Our quarterback, on the other hand, was playing quarterback for a high school team last year. He is a remarkable kid and he will do well for us in the next few years.

Our team played their hearts out, but the lost the game in the final seconds of the game last night.

I had a gut feeling it would turn out this way. That's because yesterday morning as I was hanging our Alabama Crimson Tide flag for game day, I dropped the flag. As I looked at it there on the ground, I said to myself "OH NO." I fought the urge to call Nick Saben and tell him that I'd blown it. I'd dropped the flag and that he should reschedule the game for another day.

At any rate, my team lost and I can't help feeling that it was my fault :(


  1. Ahhh...I know nothing about this since I know nothing about birthing babies...oops sorry:) about football. Is this football?? Ok see how sad I am but I doubt you dropping the flag was a sign because it could be construed that you meant for them to be grounded and win....maybe:)

  2. Your post had a lot of suspense today !.

  3. If I could find my guilt button I would disconnect it. And it sounds as if you should too.

  4. The flag is only a symbol, it's the players who didn't play well enough to win who are to blame or maybe the coach. Turn that guilt button off like Elephant's Child said and have a great day. Hugs

  5. Yep, they should have rescheduled!!!!!!
    I do not follow sports. Had I graduated HS, or attended College things would be different I am sure. My wife on the other hand id the Sports nut in the family. she secretly follows sports. LOL. she gave out a yell when she read that one Tide kick had been blocked by my close friend Bill's grandson who is a Muse. Bill has passed but he would be proud of that boy!
    Sorry about the Flag, for you and Sheila ROLL TIDE!!!!
    But, but there is a great Corps of Engineering park close to Clemson. It fill up with fans during college games. We had to leave once because most of the sites were reserved by fans. So I ain't a fan of Clemson. hahahaha

  6. Yep. shouldve made that call.

  7. Hopefully, other fans won't read your blog and hold you accountable.

  8. What a surprise! I retired before half-time, thinking there was no way Bama could be beat. That Jalen Hurts is an amazing young man.

  9. It always is disappointing when your team doesn't come out victorious. But think of all the others who put out their flags that day. Maybe it was the fault of one of them and not you.

  10. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I'm sure it wasn't ALL your fault!!

  11. Ooopsss...so sorry your team lost and so sorry it was all your fault..oh come on, you know it wasn't really your fault but maybe you shouldn't have posted this because, well, now they know the reason why. just sayin. Nice pic though!

  12. I am clueless me and sport do not mix


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