Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Blooming lilies

The chickens have decided the grasshoppers are fatter on the other side of the fence so they started flying for freedom each day.

Our dogs rarely take notice of the chickens so they are safe inside the fence, but outside is a different story. Most of the chickens we've had in the past that met tragic ends were outside the fence. Stray neighborhood dogs ran into the yard, had a chicken dinner and headed out with feather stuck to their mouths.

To keep them inside the fence, I'll have to clip their wings so they can't fly. It's a pain because they squawk as if I'm lopping off their heads, but clipping their wings is painless.

This evening as I herded them toward the back gate, I noticed color out of the corner of my eye at the edge of the woods. After getting the chickens to safety, I stepped back over to investigate. It was the lilies that Jilda planted years ago. I feared the drought last year did them in, but there they were.

Stepping over, I snapped a few pictures for the blog.

Not much else to report from Empireville. Have a great Wednesday.


  1. That is a brilliant red! I'm glad they survived and flower once again. Better to nip their wings rather than they be chicken dinner for the dogs or a coyote. When I was little, we had a collie we named Nappy. My brother and I loved this dog but she had a bad habit of going to the neighbours to bring us back a nice plump chicken. My mom told us she ran off but actually, to keep peace with the neighbours, she gave Nappy away.

  2. Now there you done it, grabbed a beautiful colorful shot. Oh, and It never happened to me, but my mama said several times, "I am going to clip your wings young man!"

  3. I bet those chickens do put on a big show when you clip their wings. Beautiful lilly.

  4. The lily is gorgeous. Clipping chickens' wings is a tedious job but it has to be done.

  5. Love them, ours won't show up until at least June.

  6. I adore lilies. I dont have any that are that vivid. Yet.

  7. Glad to hear you chicks are clipped and safer behind the fence! The lily is beautiful. I love flowers that come up again year after year.

  8. Gorgeous colors. I wouldn't want to be the one to clip those chicken wings.

  9. Anonymous12:31 PM

    How do you know it doesn't hurt them?

  10. Dear Rick, I think I'd squawk also if someone was imprisoning me in his or her arms and trying to clip my fingernails! You ought to hear the cats yowl when I try to clip their paw nails! It's interesting isn't it that often when we try to do good, it looks bad to the recipient. If only I spoke "cat." If only you spoke "chicken." Then we could explain our good intentions. Peace.

  11. Yes Sir if you want to keep them in the yard clipping their wings is much better than watching them become critter food.

    Beautiful Lilly.


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